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Nefarious developers and limitless whales should not have unfair sway in your token sales, NFT mints, airdrops, or governance votes. We Can Fix This!


Eliminate Value Extraction From Your Web3 Existence.

Web3 is intended to be decentralized, open, trustless, fluid, permissionless, and secure. Among various attack vectors, Sybil Attacks present the most significant, persistent detriment against these virtues. The inability to distinguish actors as unique individuals prevents many innovations driving more equitable web3 standards from achieving adoption.
At Governor DAO, our mission is simple; we are the stewards of Sybil Resistance, striving to enable a universal solution to unlock web3’s next frontier. Our passion for driving Proof of Existence is making Web3 a genuinely decentralized and fair ecosystem where users and projects can engage in fair and open interactions that retain and protect the privacy and security of all entities involved.



By Utilizing GDAO You Get


Democratic DAO Governance

Current DAO models minimize the impact individuals as contributors can make in governance. GDAO helps to replace whale and VC-centric unlimited token weight voting with democratic and capped-per-person voting modules.

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Proof of Existence Technology

POE is a universal ``human gate`` that verifies accounts belong to unique individuals when engaging any web3 platform. Every web3 application becomes bot-proof and Sybil Resistant once POE is utilized.

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Web3 Consulting

You've got questions, and we are here to help! We offer a wide range of consulting services that can fit any project. From general questions and advising to technical implementations and smart contract deployments, our team covers every hurdle, on-chain or off!

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NFT Launch Pad

Every major NFT launch is susceptible to being exploited by bots. Our end-to-end NFT launchpad ensures a seamless, bot-proof, fair NFT launch that any community can appreciate.

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GDAO Powers the Governor Ecosystem

What Is Governor DAO (GDAO)?

  • Name:GOVERNOR DAO Token
  • Type:ERC20
  • Symbol:GDAO
  • Platform:Ethereum
  • General release:3mm Total Supply

GDAO holders own the governor treasury and pass decision-making through governance. Revenue generated by GDAO products buys back GDAO to reward holders and add protocol-owned liquidity.

GDAO Powers the Governor Ecosystem


Supported by major exchanges



Proof of Existence Technology Protects your next Launch

Provably Fair Launches

Reach a wider audience, better with bot-proof token launches and NFT mints

Human Centric Governance

Eliminate VC dominance with capped-per-person voting modules, democratic or otherwise.

Antifragile Airdrops

Airdrop farmers begone! Reward users and community members fairly with provable one-per-person airdrops.

Non-Competitive Mints

Eliminate gas wars and manipulation with gated, non-competitive NFT mints.


Frequency Asked Questions

Governor DAO is a collective built around the vision of helping projects and individuals do decentralization better. We do this through various products and services that help tokenized projects, NFTs, and DAOs launch and operate according to safer, more transparent, and better-decentralized standards.

Governor DAO was first conceived in October 2020. The initial mechanics and smart contracts were released over the course of Q4 2020.

Governor DAO was launched as 100% community owned. Our token, GDAO, was airdropped to community members. Zero tokens were sold, and no external funding was received.

There are around 12 individuals working on Governor DAO in various capacity. This includes a primary team of 6 and roughly 6 more part-time contributors.

Yes: $GDAO.

$GDAO represents ownership of the project: its IP, products, and services. Through governance, the token manages the treasury and benefits from revenue sharing via buybacks as revenue is generated. 

We offer a mix of engineering, consulting, and proprietary buildouts. Clients can utilize Governor DAO to build and deploy smart contracts and frontends, design their tokenomics and facilitate governance, or engage in the products we’ve created.


Most prominently, we created Proof of Existence, a 100% privacy-preserving approach to Sybil resistance. Our other products are LGE, an innovative and equitable token launch model. NFT launchpad is a safe and secure way to launch NFT projects. Stipend a whale-proof UBI application.

Sybil resistance is protection against bad actors who have taken on numerous accounts or identities to extract value. In layman’s terms: Sybil resistance prevents someone from getting an unfair advantage by pretending to be many people at once.

Sybil attacks are rampant throughout the crypto space. They manipulate airdrops, botting NFT launches, token sales, play-to-earn games, strong-arming protocol governance, and more.


We estimate that Sybil attacks have extracted more than 1 billion dollars from the crypto space in 2022 alone. 

We utilize real-world biometrics technology to authenticate the users behind wallets. People can only show once, no matter how many wallets they attempt to sign up with, as their biometric features cannot be manipulated.

Biometrics are widely used in the real world today: from airports to self-checkout to your personal devices. Any time you log in to your phone using Face ID or speak a command into your automobile, you engage with biometrics technology. 

The technology we use is precisely the same as the technology used to secure high-stakes situations like banking account access. Our solution is the equivalent of securing your storage closet with a military-grade vault door.

Biometrics information is extremely sensitive and should not be stored in any capacity where it could one day be accessed by a bad actor. Our solution uses a “hash-and-discard” method of utilizing biometrics: user inputs are cryptographically hashed, and only that resulting hash is stored. Hashes are compared: unique hashes mean unique sign-ups. This is similar to public and private keys in crypto: we keep only the resulting public key, which has no way of decompiling to the sensitive “private key” information.

The most common approach to Sybil resistance in the crypto space is KYC: users must upload official government documentation to be accepted into the system. This implementation is non-ideal for many reasons, primarily uploading and sharing your most sensitive documents with unknown counterparties.

Other projects have attempted Sybil resistance using social metrics, such as social media activity or peer-to-peer reputation systems. It is unclear if social scoring is resilient to Sybil attacks.



Green Jeff (Zane Huffman)
Green Jeff

Chief Finance Officer & Solidity Engineer

Zane has 8 years’ experience in cryptocurrency with a resume that spans numerous projects, news outlets, and agencies throughout the space. Outside of Governor DAO, Zane works as a core team member in a top DeFi protocol. His Governor DAO responsibilities include smart contract development, project planning, BizDev, and communications.

Saad (Michael Saad)
Marketing Executive

Michael is a 17-year Sr. marketing strategist and sets the vision at Digital1010; He also helps support GDAOs efforts in Communication development, business development, and strategy. Michael uses his wealth of experience from working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Reynolds America, Snyder’s-Lance, Coca-Cola, and Graco helping to bring go to market and product launch strategies to life.

SideWinder (Michael Side)
Internal Communications Lead & Project Manager

I am known in the community as SideWinder but in the real-world Michael Side, gifted with providing over 25 years of expertise and knowledge in many areas including software delivery pipelines, infrastructure support, Project management and generally an all-rounder with many technical hats. SideWinder is a dedicated member of the team who maintains momentum overlooking current and new initiatives steering into a sustainable workflow which can be planned, prioritised and resourced in order for Governor DAO LLC to evolve organically.

M2 (Michael Schricker)
Marketing Executive

Michael Schricker is a marketing executive with 17 years’ experience. His formal education includes a master’s degree in communication, bachelor’s in advertising and associate’s in media production. His resume includes noteworthy roles such as being the first in-house graphic designer for the Disney Aulani resort, and 8 years working on the Google Maps Street View See Inside project. He considers himself a one-man advertising agency because he has the knowledge, skills and experience to bring marketing campaigns from conception to completion. Michael is most excited about the opportunity to apply his traditional marketing skills to the Governor DAO’s marketing goals.

JonG (Jon Greenwood)
Head of Communications & Community Liaison

Jon Greenwood - known as jgr33nwood in the community. My day to day operations within Governor include communications with our partners and working with the team in an integrations role. I also serve as a business advisor for internal operations. This project has me very excited to be working with such great people and an amazing community that continue to stand behind the project. My ultimate goal is to turn Governor DAO into the defacto standard for governance and DAO implementation.

BTCThiccc (Justin Sikes)
Lead Graphic Designer

Justin is a talented graphic designer with years of experience bringing imagination to life. As a dedicated member of Governor DAO, Justin's work and art has helped eyes across the globe understand the Governor DAO vision. 'I go by Thiccc or BTClookingExtraThiccc as I'm known in the community. I help bring ideas to life, through graphical design.'


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