Bi-Weekly #24: 2022 – The year of the Phoenix

  • January 10, 2022

Hey folks, firstly happy new year and welcome in advance to the new community members who will join the Governor community in 2022.

Happy New Year Governors

Looking to open up the new year with an opening statement from Jeff The Baker echoing our thoughts on the strategy and sentiment rolling into the new year.

Governor DAO 2022: Year of Existence

“We’re too early,” “People don’t understand yet,” “This project is ahead of its time,” Fellas, we’re not the type of folks who sit around and wait.

2021 was a year marked by Governor DAO proving itself. A rugged community from the ashes is now responsible for first-in-class technology that services the biggest shortcomings in crypto today. We’ve proven that this stuff works. Let’s not wait around, tinkering away, and hope that folks come around. Let’s put Governor DAO in every corner of web3, regardless of chain, regardless of project. Sybil Resistance ensures a fair and governed space, and we hold the keys to solving it.

In Pursuit of the Proof-of-Existence Standard

Proof-of-Existence was designed from conception to be massively scalable. It’s multi-chain by nature (already on mainnet, Polygon, and Rinkeby) and permissionless to integrate. To date, we’ve focused on telling people how easy it is to sign up, port, and integrate. In 2022, we will do and show.

What exactly does this mean? 

  • Utilizing our resources to target integrators at the protocol and ecosystem level to insert POE as a standard for everyone building within and on top of them. 
  • Overhauling documentation so developers can come in and use Proof-of-Existence with no hassle. 
  • Forging high quality partnerships for incubated launches under the Governor DAO umbrella.
  • Creating additional documentation which is able to “prove” that the technology is safe, and keeps you anonymous – something that is currently one of our biggest barriers to entry.

The Gameplan

Proof-of-Existence Automation

The final elements are being made to make POE a trustless, automated sign up process where users mint their own token after signing up. Technical details will be shared elsewhere, but this means any number of users can sign up, at any throughput, on as many chains as they like, and mint their own token once they’ve signed up.

This additionally unlocks the costing model for POE, where users pay a small price to register their wallet after authentication.

Documentation Overhaul

Our documents need to be stupid easy to understand, in laymen’s terms, how POE works, why it’s safe, why it matters. Developers need to be able to understand and build out integration without requiring any further assistance.

Pursuing Grants: There’s a war being fought right now with dozens of perspective Layer 2’s and Alt Layer 1’s to win market share. Each of these chains has a massive war chest to bring activity to them. Proof-of-Existence is a valuable tool that all protocol teams should be interested in offering, and we plan to initiate those conversations with every network looking to help aid us as we expand our services to their chain.

BizDev Emphasis

Our team is looking to place primary emphasis on partners and integrations. This effort will be aided by Governor DAO Ambassador (GAMBs) program. The team is also looking to hire a full-time marketing/Business Development lead to further bolster our manpower.

All Roads Lead to GDAO

Governor DAO grows stronger with partners, and as a POE service provider, we can build our kingdom of more and more friendlies that exist as counterparts within the broader Governor DAO ecosystem. 

This focus for 2022 is designed to attract more users, more integrators, more partners. This translates to more governors, more revenue, and more exposure. 

We built it. Now we conquer.

GDAO Solves This !

Directives Completed: 

MintMoney Promotion

As most of the community will know we were approached by MintMoney to form a partnership for their first ‘Season 0’ Launch on Polygon. The GDAO community were given the opportunity to take part in the launch to win $1000 of matic by minting 1 of the 1000 NFT’s which resulted in 1 winning NFT. GDAO and MintMoney Gang all took part with multiple mints available to them. On the 3rd January EST the winner was announced in very colorful reveal party hosted on their Discord server. Their Discord server is the hive of activity with a pre-Season 1 in the making, we are very excited to watch their journey build out. If you are interested in finding out more their discord server is here.

GovernorDAO Rebrand Color Theme

A forum post was published recently highlighting a proposed strategy for a makeover theme to GDAO. An graphic design expert from the community offered their services and provided an amazing slide deck which detailed a them rulebook based on existing colors and themes used previously. Due to the overwhelming response from the forum article of 3 likes and no comments we can translate the proposed change as a positive endorsement from the community. From here our talented volunteer will focus on variations of the phoenix logo and newly themed banners to demonstrate how these colors and new rulebook will play out. Totally respect the volunteer as a large effort has been contributed to created the color rulebook without any expectation of payment. We look forward to continuing to build out our professional friendship.

Link to the forum post :

TikTok Resources Reachout

On our increasing quest to scale GDAO to greatness we are always looking for ways understand how we can build out the project which does have it limitations on current resourcing. The GAMB program will assist with resourcing but having additional devs with specialized skills who can hit the ground running is long overdue. There is a perception that scaling a team is easy and just requires onboarding candidates as they engage the team. Sourcing quality focused team members is a huge challenge, there are so man rogue actors out there claiming to be experts which require vetting which does take time and resourcing away from the team. There are reach outs from the telegram chats most days claiming they have skills and when requesting simple information like a CV/Resume 99% of them disappear into the sunset without a word.

In summary Jeff reached out on TikTok to expand the reach to bridge the gaps for resources which is an important step as discussed to aggressively build out the project. We are seeking professional people who can hit the ground running tackling the increasing backlog of work items for a number of roles highlighted in the form. We have had a solid flow of requests from the reachout therefore reviewing each of the applicants will be time consuming and hopefully will yield value on finding the gold through the shortlisting.

Directives In progress:

Grant Programs

  • We are reaching out to every available grant program we are aware of so that we are positioned in the best way possible when entering additional L2 networks or alternative L1 networks. These grant programs allow for GDAO to garner additional funding for simply copying our technology over to these new networks. Quadratic funding is a great option that we are looking heavily into. Basically, Quadratic Funding is a type of grant that allows for the projects that bring the most utility and solve the most real-world problems to get the biggest piece of the pie. Since our technology was the first to solve the oldest problem in the blockchain space we recognize this opportunity and have applied for all currently available grants of this nature.

PoE Dispenser

We are creeping closer to implementing the PoE Dispenser solution which will provide enrolled VIP’s the option to mint their own PoE tokens in the future. The initiative is part of the vision for scaling up the VIP Global whitelist positioned for mass adoption. When we can clearly demonstrate value and utility of the Proof of Existence token the charge model can be enabled pushing a % of POE sales through to the buyback/vault as a steady revenue stream. The solution is by far simple hence the time to implement which requires multiple on-chain and off-chain interactions. We are excited to know we are getting close.

Proof of Existence Passport Portal

As per Jeff’s update above, there are a number of ideas in the pipeline for a dedicated Passport Dashboard which will provide a whole array of offerings for demonstrating the utility of a PoE holder integrated into a number of services on-chain, more will be revealed. We have worked through an number of iterations to for graphics too which will be the spearhead of the vision. An example below, shoutout to BTCThicc who has worked closely with SideWinder to bring these to life.

Directives Upcoming:

Wheelies NFT launch

As the community may know, the Wheelies NFT launch was pushed back in order to provide a bigger focus on preparation. We are pleased to announce the team is back on track for the launch in the coming weeks. To recap, there will be 7,777 NFT’s available to mint from at 0.05ETH each.

We recommend checking out the Wheelies website for more info and join their Discord server to reach out to their team to be part of their journey, Discord Link

Presale – Whitelisted wallets : 21st January 8pm EST:

First 24 hours will be allow the whitelisted wallets which were collected during December and early January. Currently there will be a limit of 5 Wheelie NFT’s per whitelisted wallet.

Public Sale : 22nd January 8pm EST:

Public sale will be open to everyone to scoop up the remaining wheelie NFT’s

CashDaddies PodCast Dev Interview

We are very excited to announce we have secured an interview with the CashDaddies thanks to one of our superstar Marketing gods in the community ‘Rorschach Was Right’, you rock fella. The CashDaddies crew are an absolute blast to listen to with a whole array of entertainment around financial markets, world affairs and basically anything that pops up for discussion. These guys are legends and have called out GDAO on multiple occasions on their show which we are very grateful for and excited to be part of an upcoming show also.

Community Updates:

Vault Buyback Revenue

A few community members have reached out to ask why the vault doesn’t have any ETH for buybacks including why the price of their staked xGDAO hasn’t has little movement. From a recap from a previous ‘Special Announcement‘ there has been a delay on revenue entering the buyback/vault due to the delay on the Wheelies Launch. When revenue has been generated from the NFT launch ETH will flow into the Buyback agent which will stock up the reservoir again for BuyBacks to recommence. When we secure additional NFT launches or LGE (Liquid Generation Events) revenue from those will also flow into the value hence pushing up the price of xGDAO on each community requested buyback.

Proof Of Existence Numbers

As of writing the following numbers are current, which are also available on the homepage of the blog

PoE Token Holders910
Human Chat Telegram214

A reminder, to enroll as a VIP/POE holder click here, to enter Human Chat after receiving a PoE token click here.

The proposed journey of the Ambassador Program

The Ambassador program (GAMB) was established in the first week of October from conversations kicked off in the Human telegram chat, from there an Ambassador Telegram was formed adding a few interested members from the Human Chat which is how the initiative started for those who were not part of the initial discovery.

The objective and goal of the Ambassadors will be to provide additional layers around the Devs to provide additional reach on expansion including business development, education, community, and marketing. There would be an expectation for these roles to run independently from the dev team with self-management and deliverables defined internal to the program.

The lead GAMB would liaise, escalate, and filter up any initiatives which require input and expertise from the devs as well as other communications where needed. When these ideas/initiatives are raised there will be an expectation that these are tailored with most of the heavy lifting conducted at the GAMB level hence filtering over initiatives which have already undergone vetting and assessment to provide leaner discussions and a rationalised strategy. Each initiative will be in a standard format for engagement with the devs which have demonstrated a level of pre assessment and effort conducted.

In summary, we are all time challenged therefore it’s important that when the team engages in follow up and exploring options that those items are presented a logical, digestible format for ease of discussion outlining the requirements from each conversation to minimise any bottlenecks from the devs on breaking down the proposed discussions. Ownership of activities is very important to ensure leads and action items are followed up and expectations are aligned between devs and GAMB’s to maintain momentum.

We understand there will be several gaps during the early stages of the program but understanding how the GAMB’s can process those gaps will have a high importance speeding up the GAMB knowledge maturity on product knowledge. Building their knowledge will require consistency and retaining that knowledge will be key to share with other GAMB’s and more importantly the community.

As the program has evolved over the last 3 months the devs have kept intervention to a minimal to respect an organic buildout. During that time, we have shared several learnings and worked with the group to implement a few key foundational components to assist with building out the framework including

  • RACI (Roles and Responsibility) matrix
  • GAMB operating procedure document
  • GDAO Ambassador Program document

Providing information and documents of these nature were created on best practices and knowledge sourced on other DAO’s and business tools to again assist with growth and a foundation for the GAMB’s to build on.

We value the effort the current volunteers of the GAMB program have started and for this to work to its full potential we are hoping there will be a suitable opportunity for the community to understand how the program is unfolding and offer their services during the campaign.

As the campaign evolves, we are on the understanding the following will be communicated to the community on following:

a) Define GAMB Strategy: Outline of the GAMB program and a deeper understanding of how those roles will be function

b) Campaigning Phase: a period for the community to apply for positions and pitch their expertise for the proposed position

c) Voting: a vote/ballot to allow the community to vote for each candidate

d) GAMB’s Established: After GAMB’s have been successfully elected each GAMB will outline their strategies and deliverables.

The campaign phrase will play a key part educating the community and highlighting the value of the intentions of the program to ensure the coverage is maximised to provide visibility across every community member with an equal opportunity to be part of the journey.

We have very high hopes for the GAMB program and fully support the buildout and the journey ahead.


Ambassador’s Update


  • @ETHLDGR, @Blake4liberty, @Treelyfe edited and finalized GAMB’s Framework Document, GAMB’s Job Application Document, and GAMB’s Operation Document
  • @Netminer updated Trello Tasks and RACI document to include new GAMB roles *biz dev & floater GAMB

In progress

  • @ETHLDGR, @Treelyfe, @blake4liberty creating a separate forum post for all community members to announce their running for GAMB position(s) detailing why they are running and the specific skills that they bring.
  • @GAMBs election marketing to launch on twitter following the successful proposal of GAMBs framework and pay

Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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