Bi-Weekly #25: Wheelie mania

  • January 26, 2022

Directives Completed: 

New Team Members

Marketing specialists & a Junior Full stack Developer

Our “casting call” had a great response, with roughly 30 applicants interested in contributing to the DAO by way of marketing and dev work. We’re continuing to vet applicants, but after rounds of interviews, we’ve already onboarded three new individuals to contribute to the project.

Two are veteran marketing specialists that are slated to help simplify our messaging, communicate with Governor-friendly communities, and onboard new users across our product offerings.

The third is a Full Stack Developer that will help immensely to smooth out the hiccups we’ve experienced through our first round of NFT launches and additionally help to accelerate development on various components of the Governor ecosystem.

As onboarding completes, we’re excited to introduce these individuals formally and engage as contributors within the Governor DAO ecosystem.

CashDaddies Interview

Just in case you didn’t catch it: Jon and Jeff appeared on the CashDaddies podcast for episode #74 titled “‘Ello Gov’na” where they gave Chris, Johnny and Howie the scoop on Governor DAO development, the timeline of events leading up to today’s project, and casually shared our equal disdain of HEX. For those who missed it or want to check it out again – the podcast can be found here.

Directives In progress:

Wheelies NFT Launch

The Wheelies mint kicked off January 21. The mint is ongoing, with roughly 600 Wheelies minted. Governor DAO earns 15% of each mint (0.05eth per). This translates to ~4.5 ETH in revenue. As more Wheelies are minted, and secondary trading takes place, GDAO will continue to earn revenue.

Wheelies is an innovative, first-of-its-kind NFT-interactive adult cartoon. The mint comprises of many of the main characters in the show. Wheelies is the work of world renowned, urban realist Miguel Paredes. The concept was first conceived and printed in newspaper roughly 30 years ago. The cartoon is live, watch the first episode here.

Revenue earned flows back through the buyback agent, which is currently set to spend 0.75 ETH once per three days to buyback GDAO and send capital to the treasury. 50% of that 0.75 ETH buys GDAO and delivers to vault stakers (xGDAO). 40% of that is used to buy-and-add GDAO liquidity to treasury holdings. 7.5% is delivered as ETH to the treasury, and finally 2.5% goes to the contract caller.

Interviewing Candidates

We’re continuing our search, primarily in the areas of development work, technical writing, and BizDev. 22 applicants have been interviewed so far.

Seeking Grants

Continuing on our search for additional future homes for the PoE token on L2 networks – the team has continued to fill out all available grant programs to ensure that any available funding is received before moving to that particular layer 2 network. In addition, many outside blockchain entities provide grants and we are making sure to take advantage of this. To date we have covered every major grant available and will continue to search and fill out additional grants as they come available.

Directives Upcoming:

Governor DAO BizDev/Growth Focus

New marketing hires, GAMBs, and additional bandwidth from core team (as development of products is largely complete) means that we have a lot of firepower queued to aggressively push Governor DAO to the broader ecosystem.

Our intention is to receive signal boosting from every alternative network and layer 2 interested in offering Proof-of-Existence to their ecosystems, as well as simplifying messaging to minimize friction for other projects and developers looking to experiment with POE themselves.

Of course, some strategies will work better than others. By growing the team and focusing efforts on BizDev, Governor will have more manpower than ever sniffing out these integrations.

Charcuterie NFT

Proof-of-Existence holders are whitelisted for the upcoming Charcuterie NFT mint, alongside BAYC and MAYC holders. Charcuterie is leveraging POE to guarantee a provably-decentralized distribution at mint. One lucky minter will also win a real Lambourghini. See more information at their website.

Community Updates:


Ambassador’s Update


  • @Treelyfe posted pre discussion proposal for GAMB’s program and payment structure
  • @Netminer posted official snapshot vote for GAMB’s program and payment structure
  • @ETHLDGR posted on forum and in telegram chat alerting community of official vote

In progress

GAMB Initiation Proposal

Hello Governors,

The official GAMB’s program and payment structure snapshot vote is live tonight January 25th at 6:15 pm PST/ 9:15 pm EST and will run for 48 hours. You will need a PoE to vote Here  

Upon a successful vote we will be publishing a separate forum post titled : Registration for the Official GAMB’s Election the following day January 28th at 5 Pm PST/8 Pm EST. We encourage ALL interested community members with a PoE token to run for election. To do this you will comment what position (s) you intend to run for and what skills, backgrounds, or motivations you have for running for a position on this forum post. The barrier for entry is not extremely high, this is a community initiative and the positions can be easily learned with the right level of motivation. You are the voices we need to help propel GDAO to higher highs and across the cryptosphere.

Please look out for an official tweet from the GAMB’s twitter page over the next couple days and weeks that will help create buzz for the upcoming election. You can review the Job Applications Document here.

Thank you all for your patience, although we are nearing the end of this working group the real work is yet to begin! LET’S GO GOVERNORS! 

From your current Governor working group:

@Blake4Liberty, @TreeLyfe, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @Rorschach_was_right, @100%swag, @gwetmore

Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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