Bi-Weekly #26: Calm before the storm

  • February 7, 2022

Directives Completed: 

Grant submissions submitted

To date the following grants have been submitted successfully along with 30+ additional smaller grants:
– Optimism
– Avalanche
– Kleros
– Uniswap
– Harmony
– Polygon (MATIC)
– Gitcoin
– Cronos
So far, Uniswap has declined the grant due to infrastructure grants being a necessity in the early days of their grant process but have invited us to re-apply during their second round. Gitcoin has officially passed our grant for their upcoming round 12 funding. Other major grants listed and those not listed have a multi-step process that includes multiple interactions and back and forth with the GDAO team. We will continue to keep you posted on the grants process as this heavily dictates our moves on L2 chains.

Update to Snapshots to fix up typo

The Proof of Existence voting snapshot had a typo, any new votes from now should use the following, current link:

Directives In progress:

Website redesign – Proof of Existence Sales Tunnel

From a great design idea generated from the GAMB program the developers have taken the baton to explore how the core website can be designed as a sales funnel based on that proposed design.

The proposed Proof of Existence sales tunnel design would provide an inviting look and feel with a multi tiered design to breakdown the silo’s and provide education on the Proof of Existence model for all levels of knowledge to provide an onramp to a wider audience.

Marketing Executives out in the wild

The new marketing devs are deep in the think tank and already utilizing their expertise reaching out to projects across the industry. The devs are conducting at least three team meetings per week brainstorming an aggressive marketing strategy leaving no stone unturned. Currently the marketing team has reached out to over ten projects which we have had different levels of engagement with – we will keep you updated.

Wheelies NFT launch

Wheelies NFT launch is still underway, a cutoff to the launch has been communicated which will be March 2nd at 11:59PM EST after that, supply will be capped and the collection just becomes more limited.

Wheelie NFT’s can be purchased on the GDAO launchpad for 0.05 ETH until date / time above here

Directives Upcoming:

Upcoming meetings

We are meeting with Polygon to explore options under their grant programs and leveraging their ecosystem program.

Another meeting with Gitcoin is being drawn out in order to leverage PoE technology for their Verification service. Gitcoin’s “quadratic fundraising” is a novel mechanism to incentivize new users to donate through Gitcoin, but they are finding significant difficulty in guaranteeing that donations come from new users – making Proof-of-Existence the perfect addition to promote sybil resilience of the platform.

Ongoing meetings with interested NFT projects continue and will be surfaced as those conversations mature.

Community Updates:

Buybacks Completed

Buybacks have started again as of January 24th, which aligned with our previous mention of Wheelies NFT sales being the next major value additive. Buybacks will continue as the NFT sales continue and we are looking at additional funding options via PoE and our current engagements with other projects.


Ambassador’s Update


  • Official GAMB’s Registration Forum Post created by @Treelyfe & posted by @ETHLDGR

In progress

  • Official GAMB’s Election Snapshot February 12th 2022 @ETHLDGR @Netminer
  • GAMB’s Inauguration Twitter Space
  • Incorporate all important dates into GAMB’s calendar @netminer
  • Commence all GAMB’s duties @GAMB’s

Ambassadors Corner

Hello Governors,

The Official GAMB’s Registration Forum Post is open and will run until Saturday, February 11th @ 4:30 PST/ 7:30 EST. The Official Election will commence right after with a new forum post and snapshot vote. All GDAO PoE holders will be eligible to vote on their favorite candidate. ALL positions are still eligible to run for, we encourage everyone who is motivated and interested to apply for any position(s) they see fit (yes you can run for multiple). Currently the GAMB floater position has not been run for yet and it is a good entry for someone eager to learn the ropes of the other positions.

REMINDER: To do this you will comment what position (s) you intend to run for and what skills, backgrounds, or motivations you have for running for a position on the forum post. The barrier for entry is not extremely high, this is a community initiative and the positions can be easily learned with the right level of motivation. You are the voices we need to help propel GDAO to higher highs and across the cryptosphere.

Please look out for an official tweet from the GAMB’s twitter page over the next couple days and weeks that will help create buzz for the upcoming election. You can review the Job Applications Document here.

Thank you all for your patience, although we are nearing the end of this working group the real work is yet to begin! LET’S GO GOVERNORS! 

From your current Governor working group:

@Blake4Liberty, @TreeLyfe, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @Rorschach_was_right, @100%swag, @gwetmore

Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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