Bi-Weekly #27: ETHDenver Conclusion

  • February 22, 2022

Over the past two weeks the team has been under the hood working on various marketing methodologies and creating appropriate mechanisms to educate and lure prospective clientele and users to the GDAO service suite. As part of our ongoing marketing objectives: Jeff headed to Denver to participate in ETHDenver and sit down with multiple entities to open conversations about Governor DAO and the Proof of Existence service offered.

Directives Completed: 


Jeff attended ETHDenver in order to shake some hands and sit down with industry leaders from around the globe. He details his journey below:

I spent last week in Denver trying to get in conversation with as many folks as possible. I didn’t opt for any of the massive event stuff, instead spent most of my time setting up meetings with friendlies and taking advantage of side events where it was much easier to do introductions and exchange contacts.

The biggest takeaway was 1) how many VCs there are now and 2) how expectations are increasing for the business these VCs provide. Why does this matter? Because VCs (particularly the ones investing in today’s play-to-earn/metaverse hype) have entire portfolios of individual projects that can all benefit from POE today. Pitching to one person on the other end who already acts as a trusted source for dozens of portfolio projects is a lot easier than hitting those projects directly – partly due to throughput and partly due to their hesitance to trust newer projects outright.

Another theme of the week was DAO tooling. Everyone is trying to build better DAO toolkits, and POE is a great addition to each of those. Everyone I’ve spoken to acutely understands the problems we are trying to solve, and as the market sees the grifter hype die down, the projects remaining and looking to improve are going to have to find ways to shine out among their competitors.

I have initiated contact with ~15 good fits for POE “evangelists” that I am following up with over the course of the week.

Use Cases Surfaced

Sidewinder completed a document outlining the many use-case scenarios for PoE and surfaced this information to our repository. The use case document allows for entities to get integrational ideas for their projects when approaching GDAO as well as for the community at large to be able to understand and showcase these capabilities. View that document here on the Gitbook Page.

Directives In progress:

Marketing Madness

The marketing team has been hard at work building out a list of prospective integrations at the DAO level, as well as individual projects in the NFT realm and even chain-level integrations. Entities that they have reached out to so far include: GFX Labs, Kleros, Bankless and NFT Supply. In total over 50 entities are currently documented internally regarding possibly use case and are being reached out to by the marketing team along with core team members. With the current volume of outreach it’s just a matter of time before an integration surfaces. Multiple lower hanging projects in the NFT game are also being counseled about PoE, GaaS and launchpad access. In total, over 50 projects and outside entities are currently being targeted in various ways.

In addition to the formal reach outs – the marketing team is also formalizing an internal social media standard operating procedure, email scripts and an escalation plan for Ambassador and team usage in order to streamline day to day tasking for all. Additional marketing initiatives are running around the clock and the team agrees this is the best positioned we have been for integrations on all fronts.


The team is working to trademark and/or privatize both “One Voice, One Vote” as well as “Proof of Existence”. Steps have been taken with our marketing team as well as the US patent and trademark office in order to make these statements legally owned and used only by Governor DAO. To be clear: The phrase “One Voice, One Vote” is currently a bit harder to secure because of it’s simplistic implication and previous use – especially in the United States: therefore we will probably approach this in a fair use manner. “Proof of Existence” on the other hand is a deeper concept that we coined and therefore have more direct creation of – since the earliest Twitter analytics searches for instance it seems to have primary originated with Governor DAO. Because of this we will move to have the term attached to us in the future via a process with the Trademark Office. We will keep you guys in the loop!

Proof of Existence Video

A new video outlining the user-flow for Proof of Existence is being created by BTCLookingThicc in collaboration with Sidewinder and the Marketing Team. This video will serve as an onramp and “how-to” for new PoE enrollees with a major breakdown of the methodology and call-to-action being front and center. Being able to palatize the perspective user with simple information that includes the exact steps taken in a first person point of view will be helpful to further attract new users organically and when passing through the funnel of individuals via new projects and integrations.

Directives Upcoming:

Governor Decorum

We are working on a professional approach and go-to-action plan for future interactions with perspective clients – so as to standardize the future conversations we have across the board and be able to truly interact with third parties as a collective. With our new marketing push as well as simultaneous standardization of information availability we are looking to finish out the theoretical “pitch deck” available for Governor DAO so that the team, ambassadors, and the community at large is able to give palatable information and have constructive communications with outside entities.

Community Updates:

Join the ambassadors with their Inauguration Twitter Space event on Tuesday @ 5 pm PST.


Ambassador’s Update

Hello Governors,

We are finally live! What an amazing moment in GDAO History. Here are your newly elected Governor DAO Ambassadors:


Educational: @Treelyfe

Community: @Blake4Liberty

Marketing: @Netminer

Biz Dev: @100swag 

Floating: @Gwetmore

We have had our first official team meeting where we synchronized our calendars, familiarized ourselves with all important documents and processes, and distributed our tasks for the week ahead. We are excited to be able to serve GDAO and bring more eyes, ears, and revenue to the vault. Join us in celebrating our election at our Inauguration Twitter Space event on Tuesday @ 5 pm PST.

Please reach out to your Community (@Blake4Liberty) or Educational GAMB (@Treelyfe) if you ever have questions, ideas or critiques. One of our primary goals is to support the community by educating and equipping them with tools necessary to write their own proposals, the documents to communicate our tech effectively to potential partnerships and to develop a system that rewards them for successful leads.



  • Official GAMB’s Election Vote Proposal & Snap Shot @Netminer, @ETHLDGR 
  • Updating & Synchronizing to Gamb’s Calendar
  • Onboarding New Gamb’s/Distribution of Weekly Tasks 
  • Updated Trello App
  • Cleaned & Organized GAMB’s Google Drive Folder @Treelyfe, @ETHLDGR

In progress

  • GAMB’s Inauguration Twitter Space Tuesday the 22nd @5pm PST @B4L/@ETH
  • Revamping GDAO Discord including a PoE Holders only Channel @B4L/@100Swag
  • Community Outreach, Social Media, Podcast Opportunities @100Swag, @netminer
  • Follow through on all weekly GAMB’s duties @GAMB’s
  • Journal/Blog Article @Treelyfe
  • Completing GaaS Onboarding Template @Netminer, @100swag, @Gwetmore

As always, we thank you for tuning in to the Bi-Weekly and look forward to the coming weeks to bring some renewed vigor and direction into the Governor DAO timeline.

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