Bi-Weekly #29: Thank You Gitcoin!

  • March 30, 2022

We asked, and the community answered. Great work everyone!!!

Directives Completed: 

Gitcoin GR13

We had a HUGE turnout to our Proof-of-Existence public goods grant on Gitcoin. 661 contributors donated over $4,500 collectively, which is then matched with the total grant funds contributed to the round.

The community did an outstanding job of participating and sending the word. Across over 1,000 grantees, Governor DAO ranked in the top 20 for contributions. This activity translated to roughly 20,000 impressions on our Gitcoin page, and presumably, many new eyeballs learning about Governor DAO for the first time.

It also means that Governor DAO is eligible to earn a significant chunk of the total matching round. Per Gitcoin official communications, Gitcoin will review and deliberate on all contributions to disqualify foul play, with all other grants receiving match funds on April 15.

As a fair launch, no tokens sold DAO, these grants provide invaluable resources for us to support our continued development and growth. Additionally, this outstanding support further solidifies our conviction that Governor DAO is building to solve massive problems that individuals throughout the space feel strongly about.

Thank you Governor DAO community and thank you Gitcoin!

See our proposal here.

Sales Guidelines

The team has reached consensus on formalized pricing model according to input costs required. This will enable us to greatly expand the scope of the types of projects we are able to work with, as smaller, lesser known projects are still able to coordinate with Governor DAO at a small scale.

Once we’ve had sufficient feedback from third parties to feel confident about this model, the team is then looking to scale our outreach by offering commission that extends to the broader Governor DAO community. based on the products and services available to other projects and communities.

Directives In progress:

Proof-of-Existence Merkle Minter

The team has spent many months building out an entirely automated process for users to mint and purchase their own POE token.

Under this model, users will be able to mint their own POE token soon after signing up (rather than waiting for a batch mint which only happens once every day or two) and they will opt-in to whichever chain they prefer. There is no limit to the number of EVM chains we can support. The price to mint will be a variable that can be updated by token holders via governance, and users can refer their friends to earn commission on the sign up (with Governor NFTs earning multiplied referral rate). The payment will automatically flow to the buyback agent and ultimately the governance vault.

See the Loom demo by Jeff to learn how it all works.

Directives Upcoming:

Wen Revenue

Soon, seriously…

Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to share contents of the conversations that are ongoing daily. This is due to the sensitive nature of these discussions and negative implications for too-early communication of potential partnerships that fizzle out.

What we can say is that there are a ton of conversations happening daily across the entire team – more than ever before. And with each pitch we are learning more about what potential partners are looking for and what isn’t so interesting. We are refining our model based on this feedback and many of these conversations are moving further along.

The ambassadors are active contributors in this realm as well, and we’d ultimately like to scale this outreach to as many interested community members as possible.

Updates to come as we are at liberty to share them!

Community Updates:


Ambassador’s Update


  • GAMB’s Sybil Resistance Twitter Space @ETHLDGR, @B4L
  • Outreach to multiple DAO’s, Podcasts, and Youtubers @GAMB’s
  • Sharing of Quick Pitch Documents NFT PoE Launch/General Use Case @B4L
  • Meetings with multiple DAO’s @dublinsbanking
  • Drafting Tweets for Marketing on Main Twitter Account @B4L, @ETH, @netminer
  • Communicated between Finnovant/GDAO for twitter spaces @B4L
  • GAMB’s Fair Launch NFT Twitter Spaces March 21st 5 PM PST @ETHLDGR, @B4L
  • Set up Automation for GDAO Official Twitter Marketing Tweets @netminer
  • Met with several DAO’s to discuss GaaS and PoE @dublins banking
  • Monthly Reports @ GAMB’s

In progress

  • Create Themed Templates using Canva Graphics @B4L
  • Reviewing hot/warm contacts on Outreach Spreadsheet @GAMB’s
  • Building out GAMB’s tiktok @netminer
  • Metaverse Article/PoE @ETH 
  • PoE ‘One Voice One Vote’ Governance Proposal Template @ ETH/ @ B4L

GAMB’s Corner Feat – @finnovant Biofi/AMA 1PM PST Thursday Mar 31 @B4L@ETH

Ambassadors Corner

Hello Governors,

We are officially one month into our program! Over the past month we have reached out and connected with over 25 separate potential clients through engaging folks on twitter via dm, twitter spaces and by using customized and creative tweets in our engagements. We also want to thank all of the community members who’ve shared tweets with us to rally behind or “raid”.  These have been effective strategies for starting organic outreach conversations.

We want to provide and arm our community with the best, most concise ways to be able to communicate what GDAO is all about. This is why we will be continuing to draft documents and hold educational twitter space events, where the community can learn more about specific approaches to effective engagement. 

Another thing we look forward to doing is hosting more casual “defi monday” spaces where we can just chill for an hour and talk about everything going on in the defi/nft/P2E space. Another element of our twitter spaces might be to incorporate guests from other communities, not as a shill space, but a way for communities to come together and learn more about certain topics in crypto as a whole.

From your current Governor working group:

@Blake4Liberty, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @gwetmore

Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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