Bi-Weekly Update #15: Officially DAO!

  • July 13, 2021

Team priorities are set for Q3, which include a number of exciting initiatives are underway as the core elements of GDAO are finalized!

Directives In progress:

Gleam campaign for Proof-of-Existence testing is ongoing, join here.

Here’s the Gleam numbers to date:

Total Gleam entries 1459/940 actions
Entry Confirmed – More Ways to Enter Below346
Sign up for progress updates on the Governor DAO Journey186
Authenticate with The PoC Proof of Existence Portal109
Complete Proof of Existence Token PoC Authentication Portal Survey76
Tweet on Twitter77
Tweet with The HashTag #DAOofDAOs52
Enter the Authenticated Chat Phrase43
hare the campaign with Friends for Extra Entries27
Proof of Existence tokens issued (PoE)138
Human Chat (Telegram Group)66
Gleam & PoE Statistics
  • Internal tests have begun on “metavoting” – a core component of Governance-as-a-Service where Governor DAO votes on other protocols. This is an effective way to utilize token allocations from client projects in order to provide a “voting bootstrap” that guarantees effective, diverse governance from GDAO holders for new governance tokens at launch. The initial build-out will service Snapshot governance, with support for delegated governance coming next.
  • Proof-of-Existence has undergone continual upgrades to improve usability with more intuitive feedback for the end user (ie: intuitive error messages when authorization fails).
  • Governance Vault community testing will begin shortly. Expect a user guide to surface that will outline the importance of the vault, how community members can help test, and rewards for testing.
  • Here’s a sneak preview at what that Vault page will look like:
Governance Vault

Directives Completed: 

  • Governor DAO is officially recognized as a DAO! Among other Day 1 DAO registrants, Governor is the first existing/working DAO authorized under Wyoming legislation. Other submissions largely came from projects that don’t-yet exist, or projects that have not begun transition to DAO.
  • In order to better prepare community members to help market GDAO, a number of easy-to-digest one-page infographics has been compiled to help explain certain aspects of the project. These will be frequently communicated and made readily available. As a sneak peak, here is the current iteration for the one-pager on Proof-of-Existence:
Proof of Existence

Directives Upcoming:

  • After a long application period; with Governors assistance, Finnovant’s BioFi token has been accepted into Constellation Networks “Flight Program” Project Incubator. Where we will be the first leading project development and deep diving this opportunity to expand our network & ecosystem with Finnovant. A statement from our partner “Finnovant’s core technology Say-Tec brings the security of biometrics to financial services or anywhere information or access is secured. In a first of its kind anywhere, Finnovant and Governor DAO ( brought voice and face biometrics to the blockchain through Governor DAO’s “Proof of Existence” Token. Our relationship with Governor DAO will grow even stronger as the GDAO Team takes on a critical Advisory role through this project.
  • Governor has engaged several counter parties in co-creating an innovative DeFi product that is expected to generate significant revenue for all entities in this cooperation. More details will be known about this “Manhattan Project” style build-out soon.
  • Governor has began conversation with an international insurance conglomerate. Our intentions are to explore the potential to consult on the creation of a decentralized insurance product. More details will be shared as the relationship further solidifies. Governor & our partners at Finnovant continue to engage in high level discussion with a (to be named) multi-national insurance firm attempting to solve for a decentralized blockchain-based insurance owned by the (a) DAO or decentralized organization. We believe these efforts will provide a solid foundation for a decentralized “AAA” type initiative on the blockchain and would be a major key for the sovereignty and autonomy of DAOs as a whole with intentions are to explore the potential to consult on the creation of a decentralized insurance product.

Community Updates:

  • Community member Ulysses is designing a media/arts production DAO, “MDAO”, and has engaged the Governor team for help in incubating their project. We are excited to work alongside Ulysses to best position ourselves for success. “MDAO is seeking to be the first, decentralized, on-chain arts and multimedia conglomerate, and we’re looking forward to building a long-lasting partnership with GDAO,” said Ulysses.
  • The GDAO mines have SHUT DOWN! Community members are now incentivized to provide liquidity and earn GDAO rewards via Geyser.
  • A proposal for Q3 payments recently passed.
  • Join Governor’s VIP Whitelist and claim your exclusive Governor DAO NFT! Adoption in the ‘Human Telegram chat’ continues to grow but encourage adoption to join the group where alpha leaks of the project will be considered for delivery first.

In other news, regarding Britton’s departure, discussions are underway with him and Finnovant regarding securing a position in their camp to continue the joint vision with Governor Dao and Finnovant regarding Kansas and voting. The Kansas vision while pushed by the project is best resourced/planned under the Finnovant umbrellas as there wasn’t any direct blockchain dependency. Decoupling the blockchain aspect removes additional unchartered challenges which blockchain would bring to any decentralised ideas will provide more opportunities to states and government agencies. We continue with our internal vision of “one voice one vote” with Finnovant and excited to build out in the future.
As Kansas was a GovernorDAO community initiative, talks are underway on how we can both secure value on any official agreements moving forward due to Britton’s affiliation to our project and contractual ties. Britton will dissolve himself from the LLC but a contractual agreement for future profits on those future agreements will be part of the final talks. Britton has been requested to make a formal announcement soon to aligned messaging backing we are both excited about future developments.

Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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