Bi-Weekly Update #16: Vault 2.0 is Coming

  • August 16, 2021
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A little overdue, but for good reason: the team has been working to finalize several pressing initiatives in preparation for marketing the tech stack and generating revenue for the token holders.

Directives In progress:

Governance Vault Progress

The xGDAO Governance Vault (where GDAO holders can share revenue via on-chain buybacks from sales and contracts) is under internal testing and in the final “bells and whistles” stages of development. The frontend integrations are built out and undergoing final cosmetic approvals. Anticipate to see xGDAO on Rinkeby later this week with an incentivized mainnet launch to follow soon after.

Automated Revenue Model

Alongside xGDAO, a number of auxiliary contracts will be deployed to automate sales and revenue management in a decentralized, autonomous manner. This includes a payment/signup contract for Proof-of-Existence with a revenue share referral program baked in (and referral multipliers to NFT holders). Revenue from POE signups and other GDAO initiatives automatically flow into a “Buyback Agent” smart contract, which deploys incoming ETH to buyback GDAO to deliver to xGDAO depositors and to add liquidity into the treasury.

Constellation Flight Program underway

The team are 3 weeks into an exciting opportunity provided by Finnovant to attend the exclusive Constellation (DAG) flight program. This 12 week course provides the key education components in order for Finnovant to have the option of launching their BIOFI token on the Constellation network. Governor DAO’s participation will grant our team technical certification to replicate this token launch process for other projects as part of our Governance-as-a-Service buildout.

Multi-Chain Launchpad

The team has spent the last several weeks engaged with industry counterparts to build out a superior launchpad, which will automate token launches in a rug-proof manner using Governor DAO’s Liquidity Generation Event model and other POE for authenticated launches. This is intended to be best-in-class, and as such will carry premium fees on listing and trading volume which will flow into the xGDAO Governance Vault. Contract development is underway, though the estimated timeline for this launch still TBD.

SEO Campaign

SEO campaign continues to ramp up via The Hoth which is continuing to build up momentum across the globe with a number of Governor DAO branding relating the project and biometrics. The SEO campaign provides immense value which works on a curve building up visibility on the Governor footprint by the day on current and upcoming products.

Months 1-3 of working with The Hoth has moved Governor DAO up over 150% on pageviews and has skyrocketed keywords such as “DAO” and “Biometric Crypto” higher and higher. This strategy will continue for a couple more months until we reach an apogee.

Directives Completed: 

Gleam Campaign

Gleam campaign concluded on the 21st July PST resulting in 30 winners awarded a number of prizes which included.

  • Over 13,000 GDAO
  • 1 Governor Platinium NFT
  • 4 Council Governor Gold NFTs
  • 10 Representative Silver NFTs
  • 15 Staffer Bronze NFTs

Gleam Campaign Entries

Total Gleam entries2284/1492 actions
Entry Confirmed – More Ways to Enter Below594
Sign up for progress updates on the Governor DAO Journey322
Authenticate with The PoC Proof of Existence Portal164
Complete Proof of Existence Token PoC Authentication Portal Survey107
Tweet on Twitter96
Tweet with The HashTag #DAOofDAOs63
Enter the Authenticated Chat Phrase54
Share the campaign with Friends for Extra Entries58
Proof of Existence tokens issued (PoE)175
Human Chat (Telegram Group)90

Human Chat random weekly draw

4 of the 6 weekly draws have been completed to date with a weekly prize of 200 GDAO. To be part of the draw the community member requires to be signed up as a VIP at the following URL and enter the ‘Humans Only Telegram‘ Chat before Friday 17.00 PST. Instructions on how to enroll click here

Directives Upcoming:

Gleam PoE Campaign v2.0

A new Gleam campaign is currently planned this month to further promote the Proof of Existence token. The campaign will run for a duration and offer $10 USDC for every confirmed VIP enrollment on the portal. There will be a cap of 800 referrals therefore this is an opportunity where time will be the essence to ensure you lock in any referral rewards. The initiative continues to build out the vision of the unique VIP whitelist.

Join the VIP Proof of Existence Whitelist

Governance Vault 2.0 Rinkeby Testing

Prior to going live on the vault we are looking to open up a selective test run for 7 / 10 days prior to going live on MainNet. There will be a bug bounty prizes available for issues reported and confirmed via the communicated channels.

Authenticated NFTs exploration

Strong discussion in the Human chat last week prompted the team to kick off conversation surrounding the utilization of POE for more nuanced generative NFT mints. The contracts current used industry-wide can easily be modified to one-account-one-claim using POE authentication. This logic can be applied further for “anti-whale/rampup” minting processes where the price to mint per account increases with each additional mint to favor smaller accounts (a dynamic not currently possible to do).

NFT discussions additionally surround a “human” style avatar that is anchored to POE signup. There are many exciting ways to approach such an idea, such as a dynamic NFT that “grows” with you as you engage in the Governor ecosystem or a non-transferrable “portrait” avatar that reflects a more engaging and creative way to signal your wallet as provably unique.

Community Updates:

Community aided aggressive marketing campaign.

A reputable and knowledgeable community member in crypto ‘McDougle Twins’ and GDAO holder has reached out to assist the project with an aggressive marketing campaign backed by his professional expertise in the field. Discussions and planning are underway to spearhead the operation. The campaign will potentially align with other initiatives we are running in parallel.

Join the Proof of Existence VIP Whitelist

VIP enrollments continue to be supported on Rinkeby and free to sign up currently. Sign-ups will only be free for a duration until the true value of the whitelist becomes evident.

Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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