Bi-Weekly Update #17: Rinkeby Vault Launch imminent

  • August 28, 2021

Governor DAO is growing upwards and outwards. VIP Whitelist is growing. Governance Vault close to be ready for testing.

Directives In progress:

Marketing Twitter Drive

GDAO has retained @McDougle to help with our social media strategy as well as some meme-marketing to amp up the community and provide a outlet for individuals to share $GDAO with others in an alternative way. We plan to continue this campaign throughout our next releases to keep the community engaged through contests and other social initiatives. This campaign will ramp up in a curve as we rollout products over the coming weeks.

Next steps for Vault on Rinkeby

The Governance Vault is currently under team regression testing, and will soon move to final testing via the community before migrating to Mainnet. Currently the vault is being tested on Rinkeby testnet for stability and ease of use.

Both a Vault User Guide and Vault Subsidization Strategy are currently under development to ease users into the experience of Governor 2.0 and ensure the initial users are rewarded appropriately for early adoption as well as for bringing in additional users to the PoE experience.

Directives Completed:

Vault Status on Rinkeby

The Governance Vault contracts have been deployed on Rinkeby – allowing the team to test and interact with the contracts necessary for the vault prior to mainnet launch.

New Listings

$GDAO is currently in the process of being listed on MyCrypto and is currently listed on 1Inch exchange.

Documentation repo

The team is prioritising messaging and documentation to share where needed. The project understands there are a number of gaps on in this area which are an important part of how we grow and share our vision. A great commonly used platform is GitBook and we have decided to implement this new medium. The team will be populating content to centralise and rationlise content steering traffic towards the new location.

Directives Upcoming:

Exploring NFT Initiatives

Governor is looking to explore various NFT strategies through potentially spinning up an GOV NFT working Telegram group. The focus would be to collectively gather NFT SME’s artists and developers where we could explore strengths who could contribute and take ownership to assist in kicking off some momentum. PM a moderator if you’re interested!

Governor DAO consultancy requested for PoE backed Public NFT Launch

GDAO has been engaged by an NFT YouTuber to explore a PoE-coupled NFT launch to address investors gaming the sales. We are very excited to explore the great opportunity which will demonstrate a genuine use case of the biometrics technology and Proof of Existence in the fight for Sybil Resistance. Initiatives of this nature are part of the project’s vision on building out multiple revenue streams back to our investors therefore this would provide a great starting block for Governor DAO.

Vault Launch Next steps

The outcome of testing of the vault on Rinkeby for 7/10 days will define how soon we will promote to mainnet, fingers crossed shortly afterwards.

Community Updates:

Vault Deposit fee 2% for non PoE holders

A quick reminder that when the Governance Vault (Governor 2.0) goes live, there will be a 2% fee for deposits from non-PoE wallet holders. The 2% fee will deposited into the vault pushing up the value of xGDAO. A good opporuntity to remind non PoE holders the value of signing up to obtain a PoE token via before the cost basis is turned on which will be on a curve (Price will only go up)

Constellation Flight Program Progress

As part of the Flight Program, Constellation has requested Governor & Finnovant present their current progress on the white paper for $BioFi and product development to the rest of the participants in the program to showcase how far along we are and demonstrate successful fundamentals in the early phases of creating a token.

Random Draw Human Telegram Chat giveways

We have just completed the 6th and final weekly random draw in the Human Telegram chat for 200 GDAO each week. As the Proof of Existence plays such a key part in the project’s vision rewarding and demonstrating value will be coupled with every thought process therefore initiatives of this nature is a great way of demonstrating the start of how the vision will build out and how exclusive VIP’s can be part of the journey. We are very receptive to community input therefore if there are ideas practical ideas for giveaways and promotions we would would value your ideas.

Proof of Existence Progress

Currently there are currently over 100+ users in human chat and 200+ PoE VIP Whitelist enrolments.

Momentum is building on PoE enrolments! We would like to personally thank the community for their hard work in sharing the PoE enrollment portal with others.

Getting ready to invest your GDAO > xGDAO

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