Bi-Weekly update #20: MDAO, Gov 2.0, NFT Dispenser and a new Ambassador Program

  • October 8, 2021
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Film & Media, NFT Projects, and Governance Protocols for ALL!

Governance Vault Progress

The Governance vault is ready to go to mainnet after an audit and a few cosmetic corrections and community recommendations are put into code. We greatly appreciate the feedback received from the community on the Rinkeby version and are looking forward to moving the vault to the mainnet for the DAO to take advantage. 


An initiative was posted on the forums ( to complete an audit on the Governance Vault and possibly other pieces of the contracts for the Payment Splitter and Buyback Agent. This audit would be performed by ImmuneBytes ( and will commence after a formal vote has taken place following a brief discussion in the forums. There is currently three options for engagement:

1. Audit on the Vault Contract Only – with option to continue with the remaining contracts later

2. Audit on the Vault Contract, Buyback Agent, and Payment Splitter

3. Forego Auditing at this Time

Barring any consideration changes in the next 24-48 hours, a proposal will be going out to allow treasury funds to cover whatever option the community decides on.

Vote on the Audit plan here:

Vote will commence at 7 PM on 10/10/21 and will run for 48 hours.

Subsidy Strategy

After considering options and crunching numbers, the team has come up with a subsidization strategy that will help with launching the vault on mainnet in the absence of revenue from the PoE token and other initiatives. The current subsidization strategy is as follows:

1. Liquidate $YFI, $SNX, $OCEAN for ETH – Total 7.5 ETH

2. Push this into the vault logic to simulate real-world income.

3. The current call limit of .01 ETH would be changed to 0.75 ETH

4. The current buffer time of 5 minutes would be extended to 3 days.

This strategy would allow for ETH to run into the contract where LP would be wrapped and GDAO bought off the open market resulting in increased GDAO : xGDAO for holders.

Vote for the Subsidy plan here:

Vote will commence at 7 PM on 10/10/21 and will run for 48 hours.


MDAO is a DAO project by community member Ulysses that focuses on the film and media industry slated for LGE on the 22nd of October. MDAO just launched a new NFT line: Lore (Black Crown), introducing their flagship IP to the metaverse. Black Crown is a fantasy sci-fi high budget, 2-part epic. NFTs will entitle holders to digital premiers as well as merchandise airdrop opportunities. We welcome everyone in the GDAO community, audience, artists, and moonbois alike to join their discord here:

NFT Launchpad

The NFT Launchpad is officially ready to go live. On Monday, October 11th we will be launching the NFT Launchpad to mint the mainnet Phoenix from the PoE sign-up on Rinkeby. We are working with artists currently to get a first launch set up and cannot wait to showcase the technology beyond the original YCSM mint. Artists, feel free to reach out – it’s not too late to get involved for the first mint, or subsequent mints:

SEO Campaign

We are currently working to put together a team of marketing professionals from the DAO and get them in talks on how to best implement strategies for marketing. A guide will also be created so that individuals can best present their knowledge in a free-flowing and non-obstructed manner.

Month 4 of working with The HOTH has commenced, metrics show an additional 500 backlinks to the GDAO website and an additional 92 referring websites that are referencing our content on their sites. We will continue to engage with The Hoth for months 5 and 6 of the contract along with using internal resourcing to get the marketing front taken care of.

Ambassador’s Corner

An ambassador program has been created by the community to help bridge gaps in the communication and cohesion between the operating body and community as a whole. A new section will emerge in the Bi-Weekly for the ambassador’s to speak freely on what they are working on. We hope to see this new Ambassador Framework bring additional value and guidance as it rolls out. 

Ambassador Message

Hello fellow Governors,

We are excited to announce the upcoming Ambassador initiative to bring growth to Governor DAO. A few key members of the community have taken initiative to build out an ambassador program. The primary focus of this program is to sharpen and further GDAO’s reach in a multitude of ways. Over the next week this working group will:

  • Create clear and concise roles for Ambassadors such as: Education, Marketing, Community Management, Treasury duties, and close coordination and communication with GDAO’s core team
  • Establish precise program details that will feature and highlight which tasks are to be completed by each ambassador in a timely and professional manner
  • Expand and spread the overall vision of GDAO internally and externally to blockchain communities
  • Reach out and onboard new investors and partnerships by creating and utilizing templated documents to help streamline the process

With this initiation process, GDAO ambassadors will be working diligently and harmoniously with their fellow Governors in all social media platforms as well as the developers to help bridge any gaps of knowledge.

As GDAO continues to expand, more duties are being placed on the plates of the team. The ambassador program is a key stepping stone in serving all Governors. Furthermore, they will be working dynamically and boundlessly to achieve the ambitious goals of the community. As this program unfolds, the GDAO team will be encouraging all community members to innovate, create, motivate, ask questions and critique areas of concern. GDAO believes all voices are meant to be heard, and this ambassador’s program is intended to be the doorway to help grow together organically, as the DAO of DAO’s should. As Governor continues to advance towards becoming a fully cohesive and transparent DAO, it is imperative that our community remain united as one.

We look forward to your support as we continue to explore the endless possibilities of what Governor DAO has to offer the entirety of the blockchain space.


Join the Proof of Existence VIP Whitelist

VIP enrollments continue to be supported on Rinkeby and free to sign up currently. Sign-ups will only be free for a duration until the true value of the whitelist becomes evident through initiatives such as the NFT launchpad.

As always we thank you for being a dedicated Governor and cannot wait for the future building together!



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