Bi-Weekly Update #21: NFT Dispenser Warming, Vault Audit in Progress

  • October 25, 2021

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Governor DAO is opening quarter 4 with some serious releases and collaborations with other DAOs and NFT artists. DAO engagement is at an all-time high and the team is hoping to continue that momentum with upcoming releases and community collaboration.

Directives In progress:


Governance Vault

The Governance Vault is currently being audited by ImmuneBytes with a estimated completion before the end of the month. After the vault is unit tested and returned, Governor DAO’s development team will be able to review any fixes required or suggested addendums provided by the audit team. After those changes are implemented the final product is once again looked over by ImmuneBytes and the final product will then be released.


NFT LaunchPad

The Launchpad is currently active at for the past two weeks with the Phoenix NFT being claimable for PoE holders on mainnet. As announced, three key NFT mints are coming up utilizing the launchpad – the Muse DAO launch, Wheelies, as well as the Punkins launch. Stay tuned to announcement channels on the most recent go-live dates and times as well as Twitter. The TRUE utility of the PoE token and the underlying biometric technology will once again be utilized to provide completely fair minting for all three projects – similar to the previous YCSM mint.

Punkins, a collaborative with an up-and-coming NFT artist, is awarding PoE holders with a FREE mint, where the user only pays gas. Additional mints can be purchased on top of this, and free Punkins are only available while they last. The Punkins mint will commence on the 27th at 10PM UTC. Timezone Chart HERE

The MUSE NFT launch will be on polygon, using the GDAO NFT Launchpad. Please keep in mind this means you will need $MATIC as well as the PoE token to take advantage of the sale. In addition to the NFT mint, we have been engaged by Muse to complete additional work for their LGE – we are currently working on this initiative and are on time for delivery after the NFT launch to complete the Muse DAO framework. Be on the lookout for $MDAO at a swap near you. Presale starts on the 28th and public sale on the 29th. Time zone Chart HERE – Read more about the 12%/7% discount awarded to PoE and GDAO holders here. 

Wheelies is the World’s First Animated #NFT Cartoon Series With 5,000 Collectible Characters. The NFTs are created by artist Miguel Parades. Check out a cool video here that tells their story. This is a mint that is sure to not disappoint. 







Directives Completed: 

The Hoth

The team has concluded it’s 5th month with The Hoth and ended with some great results. As previously discussed, the team will most likely discuss with the community if further engagement with an SEO agency like The Hoth is even necessary as the organic and productive search engine results we needed are already in place and further growth will be needed via other methods such as PPC or Social media. The Hoth reported another month of purely upward trending on all Search Engine fronts and the same is expected for our 6th and final month of this contract with them. 

Lunar Crush

Lunar Crush integration has been set up for Governor DAO and we invite you to hop on the platform via our invite link to keep track of the social engagement of the top 3000+ cryptocurrencies including $GDAO – which is currently ranked #400 on their platform. Lunar Crush utilizes their unique metrics in order to rank, report on, and organize social media information and empathy regarding cryptocurrencies. The Governor DAO page on Lunar Crush can be found here. Our invite link is:  

 Directives Upcoming:

NFT Artist Discussion

The team is having ongoing discussions and ramp-up meetings with various NFT artists and are still on the hunt for more NFT creators as well as DAOs and projects that can use the various iterations of the PoE tech. Currently the team is STILL accepting new enrollees via the form here. 


Community Updates:

As highlighted at the beginning of this update the team has been happy with the community engagement natively coming out of the Telegram groups and continuing onto social media. We ask that this engagement continues, and if anything, ramps up as we complete the initiatives outlined above. After all, this is a DAO – a collective, and we are ALL in this together. 

Ambassador’s Corner:

Objectives Completed:  

In progress:

  • Drafting Payment Proposal Discussion document
  • Drafting Election Proposal Discussion document
  • Continued community engagement with Ambassador Program Pre Proposal Discussion


  • Calendar/Time sheet for election terms and payment schedule
  • Reviewing community feedback on Ambassador Program Pre-Proposal and finalizing for formal proposal
  • First forum discussions on Payment/Election pre-proposals 
  • Creating an “Upcoming Elections” post on Twitter


Ambassadors Message:


Hello Governors,


As some of you may know, the Ambassador Program Pre Proposal Discussion is now live in the Governor DAO forums!


We need YOU, to provide us with feedback including any comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns on the forum post. If the community consensus favors this foundation, we will submit additional proposals to determine pay amount, and the election process (any PoE token holder in Human Chat is eligible and encouraged to run for election). Once all the feedback has been reviewed we will be moving forward with discussions to see if the community approves the entire framework of the GDAO Ambassadors Program. Once these processes are cleared and the first Ambassadors are elected, there will be a defined time period after the election which will aid, educate, and onboard the elected Ambassadors. Upon completion, the current working group will be closed and duties will be relinquished to elected ambassadors.


The current working group’s action items for this next week will be to continue to engage in the community to gather feedback and insights on the current pre-proposal. We will also be working on drafting out the initial foundational documents for payment and elections processes as well as creating a calendar and format for tracking election terms and payment schedule processes. We are proud of the foundational work we have completed thus far and look forward to continuing building out the foundations for this amazing program. It is important that the community engage in providing feedback during this time as it is ultimately a program to help expand the community. It’s been a privilege to be involved.


From your fellow Governors:

@Blake4Liberty, @TreeLyfe, @Blakeburrito, @ETHLDGR



 We are in the final days of the FREE PoE phase – If you don’t have a PoE – or know someone who doesn’t we would suggest taking advantage of the free process before it is over.




























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