Bi-Weekly Update #22: Revenue Generation WAGMI

  • November 7, 2021

Directives In progress:

NFT Artist Lineups

Punkins Collection [Presale Active]

There has been a rough ride with gas prices lately which has resulted in a extensions of the The Punkins NFT collection, now scheduled for public sale on 11/8 – This will be your final chance to grab one at the discounted price, or a FREE mint for PoE holders and a discount of 0.018 ETH for additions, claim here and learn more on the artist on their Twitter page

Public sale will commence at mint price of 0.02 ETH which is a great price to add a Punkin to your NFT collection.

‘The Wheelies’ Collection

Preparation is in full swing since given the opportunity to assist with preparation and launch ‘The Wheelies‘ NFT collection. The Worlds First Animated #NFT Cartoon Series With 5,000 Collectible Characters. Art Curated By Artist – Miguel Paredes.

Miguel and DIY Investing have a huge following in the crypto social scene therefore a pleasure to be working with their teams. Follow their Twitter feed for amusing updates and their promotional clip.

Examples posted on Twitter

Monster Squad Team

Hot off the press, we have secured another NFT project with a very colorful launch which is in the planning, that’s all we can say at this stage. We can share the collection will be the “Monster Squad Team” A generative piece that has evolved from within the GDAO community. Further updates to follow as we secure the moving parts. for PoE snapshots

The team is in the process of planning and integrating the PoE token into a dedicated PoE Snapshot to allow for truly unique one-voice-one-vote style voting. This process will allow dual-vote scenarios as well as parabolic vote outputs where both the PoE and GDAO are weighted. The outcome will result in extending the use cases of the projects Proof of Existence vision where we tackle the challenges of Sybil resistance on the blockchain.

Current voting snapshots are weighted by GDAO holdings therefore if there were a few large holders of GDAO there would be an opportunity to dominate voting decisions in their favour leaving the small holders without a fair vote in the process.

The team are working through the typical uses cases and understand not every holder will have enrolled for a PoE token therefore logic will be factored in to detect a PoE token or holdings of GDAO over x amount in a wallet. We are potentially looking at running with multiple snapshot options on a case by case situation to minimise any bad actors overthrowing votes using multiple wallets with GDAO. In short we will keep you posted on how the model will function.

Directives Completed: 

Muse LGE Event ended

GovernorDAO was very excited to be given the chance to incubate the MUSE LGE [Liquid Generation Event] which ran for 1 day for PoE holders to gain a 12% discount on their contributions and a 3 day public launch. Unfortunately the LGE didn’t reach the 30 ETH cap which would have positioned their project to build out their roadmap. Nothing has changed for MUSE and as excited and engaged as ever for the future of MUSE and have seen this as n opportunity to conduct a stocktake and bounce back stronger for a relaunch in the near future. Details on the LGE learnings can be read here

Bitcoin Live AMA

For anyone that missed they hype, the Bitcoin Live AMA by @CryptoND1 featuring Jeff, Jon and Sidewinder had a great public reach and brought in a whole host of new eyes to the $GDAO community. The momentum and extended reach for an initiative of this nature has highlighted the immense value therefore if you are seeking to line up a new AMA with a small/mid-tier influencer – reach out to @jgr33nwood with suggestions. Thanks Bitcoin Live for hosting us!

If you missed the #BITCOINLIVE AMA check out the Clip here

Directives Upcoming:

Vault Go-Live

The Vault audit was passed after addressing a few minor cosmetic changes which were deployed and reviewed post deployment. Having the vault audit finalised has positioned the project to push forward confidently with deploying contracts to Mainnet asap. We understand everyone is excited on the thought of earning some xGDAO from staking their GDAO. There are a number last minute cosmetic changes to the vault which will add to the overall experience which are currently not exposed to vault on Rinkeby. As part of the deployment to Mainnet the team will hook up all future NFT launches into the buyback agent in order for revenue to flow directly into the vault. We are very close folks, get your GDAO warmed up for a move to the vault.

CEX [Central Exchanges] Discussions

Conversations of this nature are a common topic in the chats with questions on why GDAO is not listed on multiple CEX which results in a number of different reasons. Listing on CEX’s is not cheap some in the region of 200k +which would divide many community members on the best use of valuable treasury funds. has provided an excellent CEX platform and value to a large number of the community which isn’t as appealing as the larger CEX’s to some investors but a solid alternative. The team have kicked off an initiative to explore what cost affective options for expanding buying options which will provide the community and new investors either additional options or an improved user experiences off-chain by revisiting current services. Any decisions with costs as always will be run past the community for their views and feedback.

As we regularly communicate to the community, if they have strong views on changes to the project as a DAO we highly encourage and recommend taking those business cases to the GDAO Forums and pitch a a good case on why an initiatives should be funded with a focus from the team. If a post lacks weight, justification and a clear understanding of the initiative this may result in a lack of engagement therefore if someone is passionate about their idea we recommend that’s reflected in the post pushing the idea forward including taking ownership to field questions which may arise. Watching forum posts grow in the forums is a pleasure to watch and witness the community engagement.

Community Updates:

PoE Enrollments

PoE Enrollments are on the move, 572 unique PoE holders, and Human Telegram Chat users has increased to 175.

WKND Coin Airdrop by JeffTheBaker

Jeff’s $WKND coin (you can only trade it on the weekends) was pulled from $ETH with the intention to relaunch on Polygon. Jeff has stated that when @Governor_DAO gets to 1k PoE signups, he will airdrop every signup a bit of $WKND – get your PoE token HERE

Social Media Momentum

The initiatives on Lunar Crush (sign up for FREE LUNR) regarding their AltRank metric has worked nicely with Governor DAO being in the top 100 out of 3000+ cryptocurrencies on social media 85% of the time these past two weeks. Keep in mind that Lunar Crush’s Token of the Day is purely aggregated from the TOP AltRank and GalaxyScore metrics. This equates to free momentum on their platform and more exposure.

The ambassadors and some savvy DAO members have taken to MANY other platforms to spread the word and we are very appreciative of this – and ask that you continue this momentous work!

Ambassador’s Update


  • @Blake4liberty created GDAO Linktree
  • @Ethldgr setup GAMB’s Twitter Account
  • @Netminer setup GAMB’s Reddit Account, Google Calendar, GDAO Info Snippet
  • @Rorschach uploaded GDAO videos and content to 4chan, Parler, Gab, Pilled, Bayston and Instagram
  • @Treelyfe completed GDAO Quick Pitch Document for GaaS

In Progress:

  • Drafting ‘General Use’ PoE Quick Pitch Document
  • Drafting ‘NFT/PoE’ Quick Pitch Document
  • Connect GDAO Discord and Bot to recognize specific hashtags on Twitter that will alert us to better target our audiences for engaging, educating, and outreach opportunities 

Ambassadors Corner:

Hello Governors,

We have continued to build out the foundational documents required to bring further success to the GAMB’s program. These documents will be shared with the community once completed to help aid our social media outreach and engagement efforts. It is truly amazing to see everyone rallying as we are the wings on the phoenix that continues to rise.

We have brought on a few more GDAO community members @Rorschach_was_right, @netminer, @swigglewiggle, @tedz_1

@treelyfe, who was a key player in the initial stages of this program, has had to step away for a short period of time, but we wanted to shout him out for all the incredible work he has done thus far and how much we look forward to his return.

The goal is to have the official GAMB’s election take place no later than the beginning of Q1 2022. Until then, we will continue to work on these documents and keep our eyes and ears open for any other potential gaps the community points out so we can address them accordingly. If you have any suggestions about what you would find helpful for the GDAO community or would like to help out in this working group please dm @ethldgr or @blake4liberty.

From your fellow Governors:

@Blake4Liberty, @TreeLyfe, @Blakeburrito, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @Rorschach_was_right, @Tedz_1, @Swigglewiggle

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Thanks for your patience loyal community and look forward to providing more updates in the near future.

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