GDAO - Mining and Incentivization

Governor DAO Mining has Arrived!

The Governor DAO mining contract is deployed, funded, and accepting deposits for pre-staking before GDAO rewards begin.

GDAO - Governance - Roadmap

Governor DAO Litepaper

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) have the potential to represent massively diverse
and profitable organizations.

Bi-Weekly Update - GDAO

Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #2: Website, Contracts, Interviews!

In this community update the team explains updates made to the website, contracts and provides links to team interviews.

Bi-Weekly Update - GDAO - Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #1: LGE, Litepaper, Airdrop, & More

Governor DAO starts it’s bi-weekly update series with our first installment – including details on the who, what, where and how behind GDAO!

GDAO - Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

Join the Governor DAO Liquidity Generation Event

The Governor DAO LGE (liquidity generation event) is a custom contract ported from Open Zeppelin. LGE participants can claim immediately!

GDAO - Roadmap

Governor DAO Deployment Roadmap – CBDAO to GDAO – Governance as a Service

There are several distinct objectives to be achieved between now and DAO, and as such, the deployment roadmap reflects several steps that approach the various needs for GDAO to be successful.

GDAO - Governance

Governor (GDAO) State-of-the-Union

CBDAO pulled the plug on October 8, and in response, the community quickly came together to build out a DAO of our own – Governor DAO aka GDAO.


CBDAO Exitscammed: Moving Forward as a Community & Governance as a Service

The fall of CBDAO inevitably lead to Governance as a Service and Governor DAO.