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Governance Vault on Mainnet

Governors! The wait is over. Governance Vault now LIVE on Mainnet! Introducing the Governance Vault The Governance Vault is a key component to the broader Governor DAO token/revenue model. Token holders deposit their GDAO to the Governance Vault to receive xGDAO, a governance token that tracks to GDAO and increases in GDAO value through open…

Bi-Weekly Update - GDAO - Governance - Governance 2.0 - Roadmap

Bi-Weekly Update #19: Launch!

The Governance Vault has finally been revealed. Come test and help push it forward to mainnet!

GDAO - Governance - Roadmap

Building Governor DAO: Business Model, Revenue Split, & Governance Upgrades

As per the original methodology behind Governor and early materials (such as the Litepaper), our mission to promote the DAO model includes a need to build out the internal Governor DAO as optimally as possible.

GDAO - Governance - Roadmap

Governor DAO Litepaper

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) have the potential to represent massively diverse
and profitable organizations.

GDAO - Governance

Governor (GDAO) State-of-the-Union

CBDAO pulled the plug on October 8, and in response, the community quickly came together to build out a DAO of our own – Governor DAO aka GDAO.