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Introducing Demos: Empowering the Community

Greetings Governors! We are eager and excited to share our latest developments with you. We have been working diligently to establish a solid foundation for our sybil resistance ambitions and enhance the onboarding experience, scalability, and overall functionality of our system. Today, we are excited to unveil the culmination of our efforts: Demos ($DEM). Derived…

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Our Commitment to Sybil Resistance: Proof of Existence Update & Roadmap

Sybil Resistance shines bright as the ultimate panacea across the digital world, from governance to gaming to Twitter and everything in between. Our mission is to deliver it to the world. In October, we shared an announcement outlining what a “Proof of Existence v2” might look like. We are pleased to share more granular updates…

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Bi-Weekly #29: Thank You Gitcoin!

We asked, and the community answered. Great work everyone!!! Directives Completed:  Gitcoin GR13 We had a HUGE turnout to our Proof-of-Existence public goods grant on Gitcoin. 661 contributors donated over $4,500 collectively, which is then matched with the total grant funds contributed to the round. The community did an outstanding job of participating and sending…

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Governor DAO’s New Solution for No-KYC Sybil Resistance

In the permissionless, anonymous standard that is the world of cryptocurrency, Sybil attacks remain a massive burden by which tokens, blockchains, and projects of all sizes in the crypto-verse continue to remain compromised.