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May Update: Kava Pioneers, Gitcoin, POE Automation

The meetings will take place in the following cities: 15 January – Milan, 16 January – Lugano, 17 January – Zurich, 18 January – Geneva, 19 January – Monaco. If you’re an investor or just waiting on the sidelines for now with over 50 000 USD we will be happy to meet you in one…

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Bi-Weekly #29: Thank You Gitcoin!

We asked, and the community answered. Great work everyone!!! Directives Completed:  Gitcoin GR13 We had a HUGE turnout to our Proof-of-Existence public goods grant on Gitcoin. 661 contributors donated over $4,500 collectively, which is then matched with the total grant funds contributed to the round. The community did an outstanding job of participating and sending…

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Governor DAO’s New Solution for No-KYC Sybil Resistance

In the permissionless, anonymous standard that is the world of cryptocurrency, Sybil attacks remain a massive burden by which tokens, blockchains, and projects of all sizes in the crypto-verse continue to remain compromised.

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Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #4: Voting, Staking, and New Partnerships!

Governor development continues to chug along! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks