Contains the GDAO tokens pending a claim by the eligible claimants.

Burn Address

Stores the GDAO tokens that are burned on a bi-weekly basis.


The official token for Governor DAO, which represents your voting power and stake in the Treasury.


Enables you to swap any ERC-20 for its UNI-V2 pair with ETH. Sends 2% of each transaction to the Governor Treasury as a tax.

Liquidity Mine

Official Liquidity Mine for GovernorDAO. Slow drip, fair distribution of 1.2M GDAO governance tokens.

Loyalty Mine

Single asset staking (SAS) DApp designed to enable users to deposit GDAO to be rewarded LOYAL tokens.

Loyalty Token

Non-transferrable ERC20 designed as a reward for staking GDAO in the Loyalty Mine. May be used in exchange for privledged NFTs or a share of unclaimed GDAO from the airdrop.


Swap one predetermined token for another (1:1), used for GDAO sLP to LP conversion.

SynLPToken (sLP)

The synthetic LP token representing the actual GDAO-ETH LP token it has claim to through the Swapico contract.


Treasury contract, which is a multisignatory smart contract containing our Treasury, which belongs to the Governor DAO Community


The Uniswap LP token that represents the GDAO and ETHLiquidity providers recieve thier proportionate share of the trading fees generated from trades in the pool. This token receieves a 4x boost on GDAO yield when staked in the mine.

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