Governor DAO Becomes First Legally Recognized DAO

  • July 1, 2021

CHEYENNE, Wyoming: Governor DAO has made history in the Wyoming state capitol as being within the first organizations to submit their paperwork to formally structure themselves as a legally recognized Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Governor DAO (GDAO) Political Advisor Britton Wolf made the trek to Cheyenne, Wyoming to hand deliver the DAO registration to state officials at 9:00am, July 1st. In doing so, Governor positions itself to become the first legally recognized DAO in the world – if not one of the first.

“Governor’s mission is to help others embrace blockchain technology and the DAO framework. Our intentions to register as the first legally recognized DAO uniquely primes us to engage real world businesses and individuals in ways we would otherwise be unable to. This is a monumental moment for both Governor DAO and the entire crypto space,” said Wolf.

Wolf has been in active communication with the relevant state legislators to ensure the organization was properly situated for DAO recognition in Wyoming. Prior to July 1st, Governor was originally incorporated in the state as an LLC.

“A proper DAO model is more efficient and better scaling than the traditional corporation. In the future, many businesses, both physical and digital, will operate as DAOs. This move is another step in the right direction for Governor to help guide the DAO revolution in the coming years,” said Co-Founder Zane Huffman.

Governor DAO is a Wyoming-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization positioned as the “DAO of DAOs”. Governors offers a suite of products and services for projects looking to build out DAO qualities in their own communities. Their offerings include an industry first sybil-resistance product for one-voice-one-vote governance, as well as governance bootstraps for new communities, consultations, and smart contract porting.

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