Governor DAO Bi-Weekly #11: Governor Leads The Way

  • May 9, 2021

The Governor Team is proud of the most recent work in production and is building confidently towards a prosperous future.

Governance v2 and Governance Vault

  • Governance vault smart contracts are under development which form part of building out Governance v2. 1 of 3 contracts complete (Payment Splitter, Governance Vault & Buyback).
  • Contracts will be tested internally then launched on TestNet for community testing for a duration before engaging auditors
  • This evolution enables automated revenue share with GDAO token buybacks and On-Chain ownership of contracts to give full autonomy to the community over the Governor ecosystem

Governor Independent Community Enterprise (ICE)

  • G-ICE was released last week and received immense  interest from community members. The G-ICE program currently has one pending proposal, and the individual that submitted the proposal will host a zoom call to properly explain the proposal and how it could align with the objectives of the community.
  • Many community members have reached out to Jeff about how to start a proposal and with other questions. Most of your questions can be answered by clicking this link. Guidelines for submitting proposals are found via the same link.

Community Updates

  • The community liaison role is a community elected position that was released this week as a means to bridge the gap between developers and members of the community. If you are a candidate seeking to be elected for this position then apply with this link.
  • The Governor Constitution was also released this week establishing a clear code of ethics and corporate by-laws.
  • If you have an innovative idea then go to the forums and pitch the community, remember many of the GDAO team members got their start by simply writing a proposal for GDAO in the forums. We’re constantly looking for new ways to expand GDAO as we build out the DAO of DAOs.
  • If you have a good idea, expand upon it, and share it within the community!

Biometrics and Finnovant Update

  • The team continues in daily contact with our partners at Finnovant, the Governor team is working on frontend/backend development of the POC.
  • A number of improvements have been made to the POC and we’re eager to release this as soon as possible.
  • Shortly after POC is released the team will be showcasing a biometric wallet that will feature GDAO as one of the main assets stored on the wallet.

GDAO Services (GaaS & OaaS)

  • The team has held several discussions to further explore Governor’s GaaS (Governance-as-a-Service) products and has developed a blueprint for providing and hosting LGE Events for future clients.
  • Governor is working on a marketing plan for promoting products and services such as the POC.

Political Strategy

  • The team is exploring possible use-cases for “VeriVote” (biometric voting on the blockchain) in Wyoming, New Hampshire, and Reno, Nevada.
  • We’re also exploring possible implementation for elected officials at local/municipal levels to use our tech while performing their voting duties. This would provide another possible use case for “VeriVote.”
  • Governor has made contact with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office and is awaiting the LLC to DAO “registration process” to be finalized by the SoS’s office. We will continue to update the community as this develops but the tentative date for becoming a legally recognized DAO is July 1st.

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