Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #10: Ownership as a Service

  • April 25, 2021

Here is a rundown of what has unfolded in the past two weeks in the Governors’ Corner.

Biometrics and Finnovant Update

  • Governor is working closely with Finnovant on PoC biometrics integrations. Both teams have experienced new challenges when introducing the tech, but have had much progress since our last update. Governor has taken delivery of a beta version, which is currently under internal regression testing in preparation for website integration.
  • Governor is just as excited as Finnovant on breathing life into the PoC, which is demonstrated by the two teams meeting daily for the past two weeks to maintain momentum, and work towards creative and complex solutions to challenges as they arise.

GDAO Services – Governance as a Service and Ownership as a Service (GaaS & OaaS)

  • Governor has been running several workshops to build out our flagship product Governance-as-a-Service (GaaS) which is being formalized into many components and offerings which will provide immense value for projects wishing to utilize our services in the future.
  • In addition to workshopping GAAS the team has been rationalizing a number of other initiatives including Ownership-as-a-Service (OaaS) which will provide a whole array of other services including unrugging services and how to leverage the team’s skills and experience.
  • One of the results from the GAAS workshop was a deep dive into the LGE (Liquid Generation Event) and how we can offer this service which has already had the interest of a couple of projects, which includes aiding an upcoming token launch as part of our test pilot OaaS Service Suite.

Governor V2 and Q2

  • Design, planning, and scheduling have commenced on the governance vault under the Governance V2 model. This has undergone an initial assessment of the proposed structure which will prompt a deeper dive pending completing certain deliverables. The visibility of upcoming deliverables of the project has evolved due to several structural planning changes; including tri-weekly stand-ups, and defined deliverables.
  • As part of restructuring internal workflow, we will invite the community to sit into each Friday standup (5 PM PST or Saturday 12 AM UTC), which will roll into an open-ended conversation and Defi Friday afterwards. Community invites will be posted in the Governor DAO Telegram.
  • We plan to elaborate more on Gov. 2.0 in future bi-weekly updates, in the meantime the team is working closely with SideWinder (Project Manager) to ensure that workflows are properly defined and assigned for Q2.

Wyoming DAO Legislation Update

  • Wyoming’s Decentralized Autonomous Organizations bill (SF0038) was signed into law this week allowing businesses to register as a state-recognized DAO.
  • Twitter detailing bill workflow click here.
  • Governor has already made contact with the Secretary of State’s office in WY to ensure all proper steps are taken for Governor to be registered as a DAO come July 1st.
  • Britton gave a walkthrough of the legislation and how it will benefit the Governor community, click here to view it.

NFT Burn Strategy

  • Given a large number of unclaimed NFTs, the team will burn the majority (exact numbers will be communicated), the remaining NFT’s will be used for future contests, promotions, and campaigns.

Governor Website Updates

  • Infrastructure upgrades were made to the Governor website with a 0-downtime deployment strategy. These additions were deployed on a new cloud service provider which provides increased performance, availability, and security.

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