Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #12: New Community Liason!

  • May 23, 2021

There’s a new governor in town — Taekwonkrypto!

Directives In progress:

  • With the inauguration of G-ICE, our community had the opportunity to attend a community call to discuss the project proposal for Realms and Atlantist. Here is the link to watch the presentation.
  • The community renegotiated the terms of this proposal and is awaiting a resubmission from Jim Goose, the lead on the proposed project.
  • If you would like to submit a proposal for G-ICE follow this link for the guidelines for submitting a proposal, click this link.

Directives Completed:

  • The main governance v2 contracts are complete and pending audits.
  • The team is pushing forward building out the next set of contracts and fulfilling future directives.
  • A number of candidates stepped up, seeking to fulfill the liaison role but all have withdrawn their names for this position and endorsed Taekwonkrypto. This number of endorsements for Taekwonkrypto from the community is impressive and illustrates the community’s support for him to fulfill this role.
  • Congratulations to Taekwonkrypto, the team looks forward to working with the energy, intelligence, and drive that you will bring to this new role.

Directives Upcoming:

  • Members of the team in conjunction with Finnovant will be hosting a “1 Voice, 1 Vote” presentation at BrightTalk expounding upon the real-world applications for biometric authentication, and the impact that this will have on voting, financial services, and ending identity fraud.
  • Register to learn more about biometric authentication and the important work that Governor DAO is performing.
  • Interest is growing from other crypto projects inquiring about GaaS, we look forward to the future as we identify projects that are best suited to use our services.
  • Meetings have been scheduled for June with party leaders of the Georgia Republican Party. The team is exploring possible use cases for “VeriVote” with the Georgia Republican Party.

Forum Updates:

  • There is a new proposal to exchange the treasury’s UNI tokens for SUSHI tokens, read more about it here.
  • DeFi Friday is still in full swing. Join us this coming Friday for the governor stand-up along with DeFi Friday. Links are posted each week on the GDAO community telegram.
  • The replays for DeFi Friday will be uploaded weekly on the Governor DAO Youtube channel. Watch DeFi Friday episode 2 and episode 3!

The team is working diligently to secure a modular product launch for our proof of existence token and extenuating applications, giving the community ample time to test the blockchain biometric authentication process. We look forward to sharing the proof of concept of the Ethereum Whitelist with our immediate community and all who wish to engage a simplified version of the product.

The team at Governor DAO thanks you wholeheartedly for your commitment to this project thus far and we look forward to fortuitous horizons as a community. Patience breeds mountains.

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