Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update # 13: One Voice, One Vote – Educational Webinar

  • June 7, 2021

The team along with our partners at Finnovant hosted a webinar called 1 Voice, 1 Vote to educate our users on biometric authentication.

Directives In progress:

  • The main Governance V2 contracts are completed, due to backlogs with the demand for audits across the blockchain the team will commence deployment of the vault without auditing the contracts in the short term. The audits will be an important part of the overall delivery, but instead of delaying the vault a decision has been made to continue with deliverables based on the fact the bulk of these contracts are forked from audited contracts
  • The team will continue to engage with reputable auditors and arrange availability and pricing until pending audits are scheduled
  • The team is exploring additional liquidity mining incentives before the LP program concludes at the end of June, including the idea of extending the mines for a duration where the ‘Governance Vault’ and current mines will coexist for a duration to aid a streamlined transition of LP from mines to the vault. Those conversations are underway and pending decisions on the mines would be put to a vote after a conclusive review on how the vault delivery pipeline will unfold
  • The current countdown on the LP mines is as follows
  • Single asset mines will cease as per the original schedule by end of June 2021

Directives Completed:

  • On May 24th, the team released the PoC for Governor’s biometric authentication portal. If you have not been added to Governor’s “proof of existence” whitelist, Britton released a video providing a deep dive on the PoC
  • Cody, Jon, and Britton along with our partners at Finnovant hosted a BrightTalk webinar titled “1 Voice, 1 Vote: Biometric Authentication”
  • The main topic for conversation will be the integration of real-world applications for biometric authentication, and the potential positive impact on the future of voting, financial services, and reducing identity fraud
  • This week, members of our team attended Bitcoin Miami to network with other players in the crypto space

Directives Upcoming:

  • Meetings have been scheduled with state legislators in Kansas. The purpose of these meetings is to showcase Governor DAO’s biometric authentication portal and to discuss potential test cases for voting and unemployment fraud

Community Updates:

  • A proposal to exchange the treasury’s UNI tokens for SUSHI tokens failed. The majority of the community voted down this proposal
  • A second proposal passed, to swap 50% of the treasury’s UNI tokens for SUSHI
  • Blake Branson, a member of the Governor community connected our team with state legislators in Kansas. If you have an idea for improving or adding to the project please reach out to the team or share them on the Governor DAO Forums
  • The team has tested out a new medium for hosting DeFi Friday and the Friday Team Stand-Up. Join us every Friday on the GDAO Twitter page in “Space” at 8:00 PM EST or 12:00 AM UTC (Saturday)
  • We have a new member in the Telegram group ‘HammerSpamBot’ which has been employed to assist with all that unwanted spam which is doing a great job currently and providing a more sanitized chat

GDAO Token Performance:

  • 30 Day High: $2.55 — May 11, 2021
  • 30 Day Low: $0.64 — May 23, 2021
  • Current Price: $0.94 — June 6, 2021

Trivia :

Governor DAO and Finnovant are the first to bring biometrics to the Blockchain, with Governor’s newly released ‘Proof of Concept” (PoC) which builds out the vision for the proof of existence (PoE) and Sybil Resistance.

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