Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #14: Solutions for Kansas

  • June 21, 2021

This community update is jam-packed with high-level alpha from behind the veil.

Directives In progress:

  • Team members met with the Kansas House of Representatives Elections Committee Chairman to discuss “VeriVote” (biometrically authenticated voting) and to give a demo of Governor’s PoC. The conversation led to an in-depth discussion of Governor’s tech and what other products and services could be provided.
  • A second meeting has been scheduled, this time with multiple Kansas state legislators to discuss a Governor DAO solution for unemployment fraud and to showcase the PoC. The Kansas Department of Labor claimed $290 million in fraudulent unemployment claims in 2020, Governor can provide a solution to this statewide crisis.
  • Team members met with party leaders from the Georgia Republican Party to give a demo of the PoC and discuss biometric voting. This meeting will result in future discussions with Georgia legislators and other party leaders on both sides of the aisle. 

Directives Completed: 

  • The team has launched an SEO campaign to increase Governor’s web presence by targeting specific keywords and messaging to add new users to the global whitelist. 
  • The team has updated the Governor DAO website by adding a blog section to archive all Governor publications and to keep: 

Directives Upcoming:

  • On July 1st Governor DAO will register with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office to become a legally recognized DAO.
  • The team is mapping out a giveaway and promotional campaign to build the PoE-Token whitelist. The details are being finalized and the team is excited to release this program soon.
  • Improvements to the PoC with regards to the errors experienced when enrolling are pending from Finnovant. Once these new error codes have been provided, changes will be incorporated into the PoC to provide the enrollee more information on environmental issues such as audio, lighting, etc. all of which are resulting in a failed enrollment. 
  • The team is planning an AMA with our partners at Finnovant to answer questions about Say-Tec and the biometric authentication process. Submit your questions here.

Community Updates:

Trivia: Did you know Governor DAO is a Wyoming registered LLC?

This year Wyoming passed the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations bill (SF0038), with Governor DAO, LLC being registered in Wyoming the community is positioned to make history as one of the first legally recognized DAOs. The law takes effect July 1st and paperwork has been prepared for this momentous day.

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