Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #4: Voting, Staking, and New Partnerships!

  • January 12, 2021

Governor development continues to chug along! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks


  • GDAO Governance V1 is live as Snapshot voting, found here.
  • The first proposal, GDAO backpay for Q4 2020, passed with over 75% support across roughly 45,000 GDAO (~25% of circulating supply!). 23 unique holders voted on the proposal.
  • A comprehensive governance document, outlining best practices and working rules, plus a roadmap to planned upgrades, is being drafted.


  • Governor announced a cooperative partnership with Trinity Protocol to offer a dual-platform service (Liquidity Building via Trinity and Governance-as-a-Service via GDAO).
  • Conversation with various projects about utilizing GaaS and Governor contracts are ongoing, including some formal cooperation, but further details cannot yet be disclosed.

GDAO Staking

  • A special solution for rewarding GDAO holders has been devised and will be announced later this week.
  • This mechanism will be most rewarding for long-term GDAO supporters holding and accumulating GDAO now. It will only run through the end of March.


  • Mines briefly eclipsed $1 million in TVL this weekend alongside Ethereum’s recent highs (current: $800k TVL).
  • Since launch, the mines have generated roughly $22,500 to the Governor Treasury.
  • Average APY remains >100%. GDAO-ETH leads all at ~250%.


  • Another ~5,000 GDAO from forfeit airdrop rewards were burned. This brings the total burn to roughly 43,000 GDAO.

Data Aggregation

  • A sample survey has been created and integration for participant tracking and payout is being worked through.
  • Additional explorations are being made in cataloguing data by leveraging the likes of The Graph and other data layer services.


  • An API subdomain was created. This enables us to have project information propagated on third party platforms. (Ie: circulating supply for Coingecko).
  • Backend improvements to workflow to enable more seamless pushing of updates and hotfixes.
  • Miscellaneous improvements, such as the integration of a footer across all pages.

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