Governor DAO Bi-Weekly Update #6: Listings Galore!

  • February 10, 2021

Governor is growing its legs and beginning to fill out its space in the DeFi-verse. Here’s our recent progress since our last update.


  • We are proud to have received a grant from Ocean DAO for our ongoing data aggregation buildout.
  • This grant will enable us to stake OCEAN behind our own datasets on the Ocean marketplace. More information found here.


  • listed GDAO for trading. Go here to trade GDAO-USDT and GDAO-ETH.
  • Governor’s TVL from staking and mining is now tracked on DeFi Llama.

LOYAL Staking

  • GDAO staking for Loyalty Points has been live for roughly two weeks.
  • Over 250,000 GDAO is currently staking.
  • Anticipate more information on snapshot balances and LOYAL rewards very soon!


  • TVL has doubled to $2 million alongside heightened interest in GDAO.
  • GDAO-ETH LP continues to lead the pack at 550% APY.
  • Among single assets, YFI leads with 320% APY.
  • The mines will continue to run through May, so there is still plenty of time to deposit and earn!


  • Our first Youtube video – “What is a DAO?” – is now live.
  • Expect more educational and  promotional content to come in the near future 🙂

Incentivized Participation

  • Our ongoing Gleam campaign, with a prize valued at $10,000 of GDAO, kicked off February 1st.
  • Most importantly, this campaign enables us to crowdsource data on market sentiment to package and sell to Ocean Marketplace.


  • Our DAO Treasury is currently valued at ~$80,000 ($65,000 excluding LP tokens).
  • You can view the contents and actions of the treasury through the Aragon frontend.


  • This update’s airdrop burn is roughly 16,900 GDAO. Total burn to-date is about 65,000 GDAO — 2.2% of the total supply.

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