Governor DAO is Awarded a New Grant as Ocean DAO Taps Governor for Crowdsourced Market Data

  • February 7, 2021

Governor DAO has been awarded a grant via Ocean DAO to help bring our crowdsourced data to the Ocean Marketplace in a new Governor proposal.

As part of the second round of Ocean DAO’s monthly grants program, Governor DAO was awarded 10,000 OCEAN (valued at roughly $7,000) for our ongoing data aggregation initiative.

Our proposal, which can be viewed here, outlines our intentions to collect market data through the incentivization of our existing Governor DAO community members. This data will be packaged into a dataset and ultimately published on the Ocean Marketplace for sale to the general public.

For the Ocean ecosystem, our efforts benefit the marketplace with a more efficient, equitable, and trustworthy strategy for data collection and sale. For Governor DAO, this OCEAN grant enables us to stake into our upcoming datasets, which enables higher earnings on the datasets we publish. Earnings from our endeavors are delivered to the DAO, where it is owned by GDAO holders.

Our litepaper further explains our roadmap for data, as do several topics in our forums — start here.

Participate and Earn

Our data crowdsourcing is ongoing, and any individual can participate by filling out a survey (plus other microtasks) through our Gleam campaign. Participation in the gleam campaign grants entries into a GDAO giveaway with a grand prize of 1,000 GDAO and 50 winners total.

If you prefer to access the survey directly, you can also participate through the survey link here. Note that you will not be eligible for rewards if you do not sign up through Gleam. Join the discussion on Telegram, tune in to Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

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