Governor DAO Mining has Arrived!

  • December 23, 2020

The contract is deployed, funded, and accepting deposits for pre-staking before GDAO rewards begin.

The GDAO Mines are open and can be found here. Please notice that there is a 2% fee on all deposits which is delivered in full to the Governor Treasury.

Mine Details at a Glance

Total GDAO Allocation: 1,200,000 GDAO

  • 4x Boosted GDAO-ETH LP: 400,000 GDAO
  • WETH: 100,000 GDAO
  • WBTC: 100,000 GDAO
  • LINK: 100,000 GDAO
  • USDC: 100,000 GDAO
  • AAVE: 100,000 GDAO
  • SNX: 100,000 GDAO
  • UNI: 100,000 GDAO
  • YFI: 100,000 GDAO

Starting time: Block 11505970 (roughly midnight GMT, 12/23 | 4pm Pacific 12/22)

Ending time: Block 12705970

Duration: Roughly six months

Mine Contract:


More information

Stats on the page are accurate and fully functional. APY is derived from the dollar value of GDAO rewards versus the dollar value of total assets deposited.

The distribution is linear, meaning that 1 GDAO is distributed across each of the mines every block for the next 1,200,000 blocks.

The treasury is a non-transferable membership-style DAO on Aragon that is made up of the Governor team members. Deployment of treasury capital will be signaled by a sentiment vote from GDAO holders, and members of the treasury will faithfully execute any decisions by the token holders. Join the discussion on Telegram, tune in to Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

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