Governor DAO Powers Desktop Status Systems Limited Launch

  • May 11, 2022
OG Cryptoartist ROBNESS has teamed up with Governor DAO to launch vaporwave PFP collection.

Desktop Status Systems Limited is a collection of AI-generated vaporwave busts by one of the longest standing and most provocative artists throughout the entire crypto space.

Collection Details

Collection Size: 11,111

Mint Price: 0.08 ETH

Start Time: 5/11 11:11:11am Pacific

Whitelist: NONE

Website: Governor DAO Minting Site

OpenSea: Desktop Statue Systems Limited


In the eleventh hour before his upcoming mint, ROBNESS put out a call to action for any developer that can take his collection live without delay from the original launch time, just 15 hours from the tweet.

With well templatized contracts and several mints under our belts already, Governor DAO stepped up to field the call. In record timing, we’ve deployed the NFT minter contract with our baked in 10% split of initial mint proceeds, hooked up to the frontend, and forked + reskinned our existing NFT launchpad repo to better match the aesthetic of the project.

This is an exciting chapter in the ROBNESS saga that we are delighted to be a part of! Thank you to everyone involved for making this happen.

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