Governor Introduces Sybil Resistance to Kava

  • April 28, 2022

Governor DAO joins Kava’s Pioneer Program through the revolutionary Proof-of-Existence buildout, enabling all projects on Kava to deploy a “human gate” against bots and whales.

Governor DAO has launched Proof-of-Existence on Kava, allowing any developer in the Kava ecosystem to ensure sybil resistance on any of their smart contract calls and web3 interactions. This enables all projects in the ecosystem to offer provably fair NFT mints, airdrops, and token launches, democratic governance voting, and much more. Signup for users takes under one minute.

Kava is an ambitious, developer-focused Layer-1 network that supports both Ethereum and Cosmos native smart contracts. Governor DAO joins Kava as a Pioneer in their incentivized testnet program, which offers 100,000 KAVA to exciting projects that build on Kava in advance of mainnet next month. Governor’s status helps to establish the project within an aspiring Kava ecosystem of high potential projects that we see as great future partners and integrators of GDAO tech.

“Building safe, governance-driven decentralized products has always been at the core of Kava Labs’ mission. We are very excited to have Governor DAO joining the Kava Network and bringing additional robust governance support to their fellow pioneers.” —Scott Stuart, Kava Labs CEO 

Beyond initial POE deployment, Governor intends to build out support for additional products and services under the umbrella to meet demand from other Pioneers and builders in the Kava ecosystem. Our best synergy comes from other upcoming projects, and this expansion helps to bootstrap those relationships into the future.

Governor DAO believes strongly in the decentralized future. DAO done right is difficult to achieve, and Governor DAO aspires to help many other projects that value decentralization to lead prosperous futures in the Kava ecosystem.

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