July Update: Buidling!

  • July 6, 2022

Another productive month is in the books, with a host of partnerships and developments outlined below. Dig in!

Partnerships and Ecosystem

Unfederal Reserve Partnership

Governor DAO won the recent Unfederal Reserve governance vote on the provider for their upcoming DAO token launch.

Governor DAO will offer Unfederal Reserve our comprehensive Liquidity Generation Event, which is the best-in-market launch model for equitable liquidity generation. This document outlines how the LGE works and how it provides a better model for participants and teams alike.

DeFi Dude LGE

In the same vein, Governor DAO has initiated work with DeFi Dude as a contractor to launch their token through the LGE model. More information will be shared closer to that project’s token launch.

Desktop Statue Systems Limited

The ROBNESS NFT mint is still live, with more systems being minted daily. You can check out the mint page here.

ROBNESS has recently unveiled a custom site for the collection. Make sure to check it out!

Domain DAO Partnership

Governor DAO has joined the Domain DAO ecosystem, which offers “.dao” domain names to projects within the DAO landscape.

Stipend ($PAY)

As part of our participation in the Kava Rise program, Governor DAO has invented a first-of-its-kind anti-whale staking mechanism. The mechanism is powered by POE and is utilized by Stipend to backstop the first ever equitable Universal Basic Income model.

Governor DAO’s work on Stipend drives Kava grants back to the project. We will share more information about Stipend once the application is production ready.

DAO Affairs

Revenue Distribution

Last month, Governor DAO signaled its intent to create a holistic revenue management policy that incorporates referrals for work done as well as managing buybacks to build liquidity and reward the most engaged community members who deposit into the Governance Vault.

Since this plan went into play, over 14,000 GDAO has been bought back from the market in the past month. 2/3 of that GDAO is delivered proportionately to depositors to the Governance vault. The other 1/3 is paired with ETH and handled as Protocol Owned Liquidity.

Governance Proposals

There is an ongoing proposal to fund operations through Q3. Modest changes were made to utilize a retainer + hourly rate for our developers, which fits more in line with the commission model we have been progressively fleshing out.

There is another proposal to initialize the Finance Committee. This committee is responsible for the revenue management, referenced above, and also serves as a guinea pig to showcase how Governor can scale through workforces.

Speaking Engagements

Nervos Virtual Conference

Governor DAO participated in BlockJam2022 by our friends at Nervos Network. The conference spans a number of presentations surrounding blockchain gaming plus a hackathon to build out blockchain gaming tech on the Nervos network.

As part of our participation, Zane Huffman put on a presentation on bots and gaming, “We Need to Talk about Bots: Sybil Resistance in the Metaverse”

See the full presentation below:

VidCon Panel

Zane Huffman represented Governor DAO at vidcon in a packed room regarding Web3, NFTs, and Brands. Zane was joined alongside leadership from Shopify Head of Blockchain John Lee and X8 Media CEO Jade Darmawangsa.


  • DAO Speed Dating Outreach, Marketing, Script @ETH, @B4L
  • DAO Speed Dating Panel #2 @B4L, @ETH
  • DAO Speed Dating Panel #3 @ B4L, @ ETH
  • Created POAP’s for DAO Speed Dating and distributed them to guests @ ETH
  • Release GDAO Media Spreadsheet to Community @netminer, @ ETH  
  • Create Youtube Video for Robness Fireside Chat @netminer
  • Monthly Treasury Report Released @Dublinsbanking
  • Outreach to Multiple DAO’s, Podcasts, and Projects @GAMBs
  • Continued comms with ERSDL, Domain DAO, and many others @Dublinsbanking
  • Meetings with Projects @Dublinsbanking, @ ETH, @ B4L
  • Drafted more Tweets for GDAO Twitter Account @B4L, @ETH, @Netminer
  • Multiple Tik-Toks, Automation of Tweets, Social Raid, Memes @ Netminer
  • Meetings with Political groups @ B4L, @ Dublinsbanking
  • List of DAO’s @ netminer
  • Weekly KTLO Tasks @GAMB’s
  • Facilitated Weekly meetings, attended core team meetings, wrote minutes @ ETH
  • Monthly Reports @ GAMB’s

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Finish Governance Bylaws 2.0/ Governance Discussion @ETH
  • GDAO Youtube Video for Robness Fireside Chat, DAO Speed Dating 1/2 @netminer
  • DAO Speed Dating Panel #4,5 Outreach, Marketing, Script @B4L, @ETH
  • Governance Bylaws/Framework Proposal @ETH
  • GDAO Docs Overhaul @B4L, @ETH
  • Monthly Treasury Report released @Dublinsbanking
  • KTLO Tasks @ GAMB’s
  • Outreach @ GAMB’s
  • DAO Speed Dating Calendar/Tracking Spreadsheet @netminer, @ ETH

Ambassadors Corner:

Hello Governors,

This past month has involved a lot of collaboration between the core team and GAMB’s. We have built out “DAO Speed Dating” into what we feel is a successful model for networking, educating and creating leads for fruitful partnerships. A ton of preliminary work has gone into the building of a script, templating graphics, outreach strategies and development of POAP’s for these events. We have already booked follow-up meetings with a few of the projects who have attended to discuss possible collaboration. Dublinsbanking has had several initial meetings with new potential partners and continued communications with others that are looking hopeful. There has been an increase in discussion with political parties/groups around Proof of Existence, One voice One vote Governance, and UBI. As the DAO Speed Dating buildout and subsequent outreach took up a majority of hours this month, we will be bringing back our focus on finishing some of the foundational documents we have started, such as the Governance Bylaws 2.0 and Governor Docs rehaul. We look forward to publishing past Twitter space events into YouTube videos for the community to share. We will continue to ramp up our outreach and book meetings with as many projects as we can. We thank you for your support as always,


@Blake4Liberty, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @dublinsbanking

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