June Update: Origins of a Service DAO

  • June 1, 2022

In spite of market conditions, the previous month marks one accomplishment and milestones for Governor DAO!


Celebrated cryptoartist ROBNESS teamed up with Governor DAO to help facilitate his NFT collection of 11,111 AI-generated vaporwave statue busts, “Desktop Statue Systems Limited.”

The mint began earlier this month and is live through a custom Governor DAO minting site. Over 1,500 statue NFTs have been minted. Minters include many of the most prominent figures in NFTs, such as XCopy, Cozomo, Farokh, Pranksy, Sartoshi, Path, and many more.

BIOFI Launch

Our longstanding partners, Finnovant, recently launched their ambitious BioFi token, which underpins an ecosystem of biometric financial products and services.

Through our partnership, Governor DAO received a launch allocation of 5,000,000 BIOFI tokens, which Governor DAO will utilize to run a node in their network and earn staking rewards. Stay tuned for more information regarding this partnership!

RUGenerous Partnership

Governor DAO has teamed up with RUGenerous for engineering work surrounding their upcoming SIMPLE token airdrop. Additionally, the teams plan to cross-pollinate our respective communities and engage in governance work in the future.

Both communities share similar ethos, and we are excited to welcome RUGenerous into our expanding universe of like-minded partners!

unFederal Reserve Intent to Work

Governor DAO has signaled a partnership with unFederal Reserve to help alleviate friction surrounding their institutional lending platform. The teams are scoping the ability for Governor DAO’s Proof-of-Existence technology to help authenticate logins using a no-KYC-required format.

See more below

Optimism Airdrop

Did you donate to Governor DAO’s recent Gitcoin grant? If you donated through Ethereum mainnet, an airdrop is waiting for you!

All gitcoin donors on ETH mainnet receive a base allocation of 555 OP. See here if you are eligible to redeem.

Speaking Engagements

Governor DAO was involved in a myriad of speaking engagements this past month. In addition to the DAO Speed dating panel (highlighted in the GAMBs update), check out these engaging panels and interviews:

Pangea Talks

BitcoinLive interview with Jeff

Fireside chat with ROBNESS

Establishing the “Service DAO”

A service DAO is a project like Governor DAO which primarily exists as an organization doing work in exchange for revenue. At Governor DAO, we adhere to this model through our Proof-of-Existence model, NFT tech, governance consultation, and more.

For those keeping score back home, the past month has marked a turning point in Governor DAO’s revenue generation. The DAO netted:

  • 12 ETH (so far) from ROBNESS mint
  • 12,000 USDC from BioFi
  • 4,200 from ½ of RUGenerous payment

That puts us in excess of monthly operational costs and enables wiggle room to resume revenue split.

Additionally, as we continue to look for additional ways to generate revenue to keep the lights on, it is more important than ever to bring on as many community members as possible to help in this process. How do we do this? Well, that’s a good question. A true service DAO needs a robust incentivization program tied to output (i.e., you bring in coin, you earn commission).

There is significant, ongoing discussion in the forums regarding this. Check it out here.

Ambassador Update


  • GAMB’s Q2 Election: Proposals, Announcements, Snapshots @GAMBs
  • Outreach to Multiple DAOs, Podcasts, and Projects @GAMBs
  • Secured Intent to Work with ERSDL @Dublinsbanking
  • Several Meetings with Projects @Dublinsbanking
  • Drafting Tweets for Marketing on Main Twitter Account @B4L, @ETH, @Netminer
  • DAO Speed Dating Panel: Outreach, Facilitation, Script, Logos @ETH, @B4L
  • Discord Revamped, PoE Humans Only Channel Integrated @B4L. @Netminer
  • Multiple Tik-Toks, Automation of Tweets, Community Chat Social Raid, Memes @ netminer
  • GDAO Media Spreadsheet @ETH, @ Netminer
  • Weekly KTLO Tasks @GAMB’s
  • Emergency Treasury Proposal Discussion @B4L, @Dublinsbanking, @ETH

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Creating Governance Bylaws 2.0/ Pushing Governance Discussion @ETH
  • Politics & PoE Article @B4L, @ETH
  • DAO Speed Dating Panel #2 @B4L, @ETH
  • Push Governance Bylaws/Framework Proposal @ETH
  • Finish GDAO Docs Overhaul @B4L, @ ETH
  • Release GDAO Media Spreadsheet to Community @netminer 
  • Create Youtube Video for Robness Fireside Chat @netminer
  • Monthly Treasury Report Released @Dublinsbanking

Ambassadors Corner:

Hello Governors,

First off, we want to extend another thank you to our Governors for voting us back in for the duration of Q2. We can’t believe how far we’ve come as a small team over the past 3 months, and we’re excited to see the fruits of our labor start to pay off. Governor DAO has been incredibly busy with a ton of media engagements and partnership announcements over the past month. We are steadily making new contacts and building throughout the market downturn. The GAMBs will continue to ramp up outreach and take on patching some of the foundational work behind the scenes, including revising our Governance Bylaws, overhauling our Governor DAO wiki page, discussing new revenue strategies that involve opportunities for the community, and more. Our second DAO Speed Dating Panel will be taking place in a couple of weeks (guests TBA). We will also be sharing a one-stop spreadsheet shop for all GDAO-related media (rorschach will be happy) for you all to use in social media raids. Governor DAO is undeniable and the momentum continues to build. We are working nonstop as we continue to establish our name amongst the DAO titans and the crypto space as a whole.

From your current Governor working group:

@Blake4Liberty, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @dublinsbanking

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