May Update: Kava Pioneers, Gitcoin, POE Automation

  • May 2, 2022

Below recaps all of the exciting developments since our last update! Moving forward, Governor DAO will communicate updates as monthly recaps to better capture our momentum without duplication.

Proof-of-Existence Buildouts

Many deployments have taken place for POE as we work to move Proof-of-Existence to an entirely self-serve, automated enrollment model. The Proof-of-Existence self-serve merkle distributor is live on mainnet. Users can mint their own POE token after enrollment through the Passport Portal.

This self-serve model is massively scaling and massively increases the throughput in which we can handle new enrolls. This model will support any volume of signups across any number of networks simultaneously.

Through the Passport Portal, users can additionally see information on their own wallet and POE at large. Ultimately, the Passport Portal will serve as a multi-chain directory of individual and global POE activity, as well as a bulletin for various projects engaging in POE tech. See more about the buildout here.

The latest version of POE and the associated distributor has also been deployed to Polygon and Kava. View deployment contracts here.

Kava Pioneer Program

Governor DAO is enrolled as a Kava Pioneer in their incentivized testnet phase, which pins Governor alongside other ambitious deployments prior to Kava’s mainnet launch later this month.

Governor enters the program through the ongoing Proof-of-Existence deployment to Kava. This program rewards Pioneers with 100,000 KAVA throughout the duration of testnet, and grandfathers participants into the massive mainnet developer incentive program, advertised at an industry-best $800 million worth of incentives.

As the team works to integrate Kava and POE contracts into the frontend, we are excited to work with other budding projects in the ecosystem to supercharge their launches and enable working DAO governance in their various models. Integration

$GDAO is now integrated into the RSS news feed. This enables their user base to see information on Governor DAO as well as enables Governor to leverage the $GDAO price and data feed.

See more information here.

Gitcoin Grant Round 13

Governor DAO ranked as one of the top 20 grants with the highest number of contributors. For our collective efforts, Governor DAO has received roughly $9,000 in funding. KYC processes are underway to claim those funds and will be driven back to the treasury.

Q2 Treasury Proposal

There is an active proposal for team payments throughout the remainder of Q2. That proposal can be found here. We are working to be as lean and modest as possible as spending while incoming funds (from items above and otherwise) are beginning to ramp up.

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  • GAMBs Corner Feat – @finnovant Biofi/AMA @ETHLDGR, @B4L
  • Outreach to multiple DAO’s, Podcasts, and Youtubers @GAMBs
  • Sybil Resistance Within the Metaverse and P2E Gaming Article @ETHLDGR
  • Meetings with multiple DAO’s/projects @dublinsbanking, @ETH LDGR
  • Drafting Tweets for Marketing on Main Twitter Account @B4L, @ETH, @netminer
  • GAMBs Corner: Sybil Resistance Within the Metaverse @ETH LDGR, @B4L
  • Framework Document and Outreach for DAO Speed Dating Twitter Spaces @ETH
  • Multiple Tik-Toks, Community Chat Social Raid, Memes @ netminer
  • Working proposals for (redacted) and (redacted) projects @netminer/@dublinsbanking
  • Instagram Account created, further automation of socials @netminer
  • Treasury Proposal @B4L/@dublinsbanking
  • GAMBs Bios added to website 

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Finishing Template for “One voice, One Vote” PoE Governance Proposal @ETHLDGR
  • Politics & PoE Article @B4L, @ETHLDGR
  • Weekly GAMBs Twitter Space Scheduled for Thursday @1pm PST w “tentative” special guest @B4L
  • Push Governance Discussion in Forum: Voting Strategies, Ethics etc. @ETHLDGR
  • Governance “One Voice One Vote” Article for @ ETHLDGR
  • GAMBs Corner: “DAO Speed dating” Twitter Panel Vol 1 May 25, 1pm PST@ETH/B4L
  • GDAO docs Overhaul, GDAO media reorganization @B4L, @ETH LDGR 

Ambassadors Corner:

Hello Governors,

Our Calendly Link has been filling up quickly with scheduled meetings to discuss our tech and DAO tooling (GaaS) across a variety of aspects within the space. This includes: Other DAOs, Metaverse and P2E projects, NFT projects, Podcasters, YouTubers, and anyone who would help grow out our revenue and or platform. The Metaverse article has been getting some good traction and starting more conversations around all of the possible use cases for Proof of Existence Technology. The GAMBs spaces will be happening weekly with relevant topics, with some room for more casual, and educational spaces (with guests). They will be recorded so folks can play them back at their leisure via Twitter. We will be hosting a “DAO Speed Dating” Twitter Spaces on May 25th at 1 PM PST with 6-10 other projects. This will be a great opportunity for us to network with other communities and projects in hopes to collaborate and spread the good word of GovernorDAO (keep an eye out for the link on the socials). 

We continue to dial in our outreach strategies to become even more effective at securing more meetings, including arming our community (You) with the best information available in innovative ways. Look out for some more GovernorDAO specific Tik-Toks, memes, and rallying of the troops for social raids from the GAMBs over the coming weeks, as well as, a new article around Politics and Proof of Existence Tech. There are multiple discussions going on behind the scenes and the GAMBs are securing a lot of “next level” conversations to hand off to the core team.

We want to thank the community members who have been actively tweeting and retweeting our content, it goes a long way and has started conversations with potential clients. Strength in numbers frens! Thank you.

From your current Governor working group:

@Blake4Liberty, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @gwetmore

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