MintMoney Partnership promo provided exclusively to GovernorDAO.

  • December 22, 2021

MintMoney Christmas Promo [Polygon chain/network]

We are excited to announce an opportunity provided by a new project called ‘MintMoney’ to win a prize of $1000 in Matic on the Polygon network. Minting an NFT will secure your entry into the promotion. Important to note the promo will be on the Polygon network.

500 NFT’s have been reserved for Governors to mint with 1 winning NFT with three satoshi icon’s in a row

MintMoney Project Details


MintMoney Promo Tweet [Link]

Medium Article for further information

Website :

NFT launchpad website will be made available prior to Mint

Conditions for entry for a free mint (Times are in EST)

  1. Limit mints are available, fill out the following form here [LINK] to enter.
  2. PoE holders will secure a free NFT mint over non-POE holders. Therefore, on closing of the whitelist, PoE wallet addresses will secure places in the 500 available mints, GDAO wallet address filling the remaining slots if any spots available we will open further.
  3. Whitelisting will be available until the 31st of December 11.59pm EST Timezone.
  4. The whitelisted wallets will have 48 hours to mint an NFT from the 1st January 12am EST. (1st/2nd Jan)
  5. The 1 winner will be announced on the 3rd of January EST. If you mint an NFT with 3 matching avatars that’s a winning NFT.
  6. Entries who enter must meet the criteria of having a PoE token on Polygon or GDAO on Mainnet. Very important to provide the wallet address which contains either the POE or GDAO.

Join the MintMoney discord for more information or questions regarding promotion or project

Additional information for participating

The following information may assist the community on how to participate if not familiar with the Polygon Network chain.

How to add ‘Polygon’ network to your Metamask wallet

To mint and participate ensure you are on the correct chain which is ‘Polygon’, the following website will add and configure ‘Polygon’ to your wallet.

  • Navigate to
  • Type ‘Polygon’ in ‘Search Networks’
  • Choose option ‘Polygon Mainnet’
  • Choose ‘connect wallet’ and ‘add to Metamask’
  • After switching network there will be an option to change between ‘Mainnet’ and ‘Polygon’

How to claim Matic on Polygon

If you don’t own Matic on Polygon the following DAPP (Website) will provide an option to claim enough matic to mint the NFT.

  • Navigate to while connected to the polygon network
  • Click on ‘connect’ and tick ‘hCaptcha’ check to verify you are not a bot.
  • Claim your matic, if you have matic already you can’t claim.

Do I have a PoE token on Polygon

Two ways to verify if you have a PoE token on Polygon.

Add Polygon Contract to wallet

Add the following contract address to your wallet while on Polygon 0x15a84e83e039a63a230ba786231dfb99544f7acb

Check Governordao NFT launchpad on Polygon

Sign up for a PoE token

To sign up for a PoE token navigate to the following URL

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