September Update: Let’s Drive Public Goods!

  • September 6, 2022

Below outlines updates from the previous two months combined. Dig in!

Gitcoin, Grants, Bankless!

Gitcoin Grants Round 15 kicks off on September 7th, 2022. Governor DAO’s Proof-of-Existence is supported as an eligible grant. Please donate to our grant ASAP at the start of the round so POE trends and takes a center stage, as we were able to several rounds ago!

Proof-of-Existence “human gates” web3, enabling fair and equitable mechanics not otherwise possible for projects and ecosystems, like one-per-person NFT minting, capped token sales and yield farms, bot-free gaming, and democratic governance.

As part of our POE outreach, Jeff and Jon were recently featured on Gitcoin co-founder Kevin Owocki’s GreenPill podcast, featured on Bankless, to discuss our approach to sybil resistance. Check it out:

As Governor DAO better integrates itself into the Gitcoin ecosystem, the team is actively scoping the process for integration of POE into the Gitcoin Identity Passport, which will allow users to sign up with POE to prove their uniqueness.

Partnerships and Ecosystem


RUGenerous has made its rounds throughout the community recently with their 400 ETH Pudgy Penguin purchase. We salute the project and wish them all the best!

In terms of ongoing collaboration, our engineering work is completed on their upcoming SIMPLE token airdrop. RUGenerous engaged Governor DAO as a strategic partner to facilitate the engineering work surrounding the airdrop.


Peer-to-Peer hashrate marketplace Lumerin will be requiring Proof-of-Existence for their community members to participate in an upcoming faucet-style application in their ecosystem. POE will guarantee no community members can get an unfair advantage through sybil attacks on the application. More information to come!


DAO tooling powerhouse XDAO participated in a recent DAO Speed Dating. Afterwards, Jeff joined XDAO CMO Ann on their podcast. That video will be posted soon. Our teams are exploring how we can continue to work together in the future!

DAO Coalition

Governor DAO is joining as a pioneer member of the “DAO Coalition”, a US-focused NGO for the protection and growth of DAOs. Other members include Bankless DAO and Polygon DAO. We are excited to help lay the groundwork for a coordinated DAO collective.

Stipend ($PAY)

Governor DAO has received our first allocation of KAVA as part of their Pioneer program. This KAVA will help sustain the launch of our first-of-its-kind anti-whale yield dapp, Stipend. Development of Stipend is complete and launch will commence following a comprehensive go-to-market plan in the weeks to come.

DAO Affairs

Proof-of-Existence Cross-Chain Minting

The Proof-of-Existence Passport now supports Polygon, and will soon support all chains POE is deployed to. Passport enables users to mint their own POE.

Additional UI/UX improvements will continue on both the Passport and the Authentication Portal, but as of now, users can enjoy a 100% automated POE sign up and mint experience on both Mainnet and Polygon.

ETH Paris

Jeff spent several weeks in France surrounding ETH Paris in late July for the purpose of arranging meetings and spending time with our friends and partners in an IRL setting.

“ETH Paris was an incredibly encouraging and inspiring conference. The class of 2021 zoomer VCs are gone, and I felt like a majority of my interactions were with other individuals prepared as long-term builders and prepping for years out, rather than weeks and months. The best opportunities come in the worst bear market, where it’s easiest to engage with strategic partners simply by virtue of showing up. I’m excited to see what some new relationships formed may bloom into through the road ahead,” said Jeff on his experience.

Treasury Reporting

Jerry from the Finance Committee has compiled treasury reporting summaries for the July and August. September reporting will be published soon.


DAO Speed Dating Outreach, Marketing, Script @ETH, @B4L, @netminer
DAO Speed Dating Panel #4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#9,#10,#11 @B4L, @ETH, @netminer
Created POAP’s for DAO Speed Dating and distributed them to guests @ETH
Edited DAO Speed Dating 1-9  and uploaded to youtube channel @ ETH 
Outreach to Multiple DAO’s, Podcasts, and Projects @GAMBs
Continued comms with warm project leads and new ones @Dublinsbanking
Meetings with Projects @Dublinsbanking, @ ETH, @ B4L
Created Forum Post for Best Governance Practices @ ETH
Set up Snapshot for DAO Best Governance Practices@ Netminer
Meetings with Political groups @ B4L, @ Dublinsbanking
List of DAO’s @ netminer
Weekly KTLO Tasks @GAMB’s
Facilitated Weekly meetings, attended core team meetings, wrote minutes @ ETH
Finished Governance Bylaws 2.0/ Governance Discussion @ETH
DAO Speed Dating Calendar/Tracking Spreadsheet @netminer, @ ETH
DAO Coalition joined @B4L
Q3 Election forum post & coordination @ ETH
Set up Q3 snapshots @ ETH/ @netminer
Booked up Guests for DAO Speed Dating month of September @ ETH/ B4L
Completed GDAO Docs Overhaul @ETH/@B4L 
Met with potential partner to discuss PoE @Netminer/B4L

Upcoming Tasks:

Publish/Edit GDAO Youtube Video for Robness Fireside Chat, DAO Speed Dating 10, 11 @ETH
DAO Speed Dating Panel #12-16 Outreach, Marketing, Script @B4L, @ETH
KTLO Tasks @ GAMB’s
Outreach @ GAMB’s
Create new tweets for GDAO official Twitter @netminer, @B4L
Create POAP’s for DAO Speed Dating @ETH
Continued Comms with warm project leads, networking, outreach @GAMB’s

Ambassadors Corner:

Hello Governors,
We want to thank all of you who participated in the Q3 election voting process and we are all stoked and honored to have been voted back in for the duration of Q3. These past two months we have been connecting with many new projects through our marketing and outreach efforts. DAO Speed Dating has proven to be a great tool for building out past and present relationships with a variety of projects that offer a variety of services across the space. The relationships that we are creating on DAO Speed Dating have led to partnership discussions and have planted seeds for future considerations as well as speaking engagements on other projects platforms. Slowly but surely we continue to spread the word of the best Sybil Resistance Technology Web3 and beyond has to offer. Several meetings have taken place over the past month, some introductory, some second level and others are close to becoming formalized partnerships. We were able to convert our Twitter Space files to create YouTube Videos for DAO Speed Dating, and other past speaking engagements which you can find at the official Governor DAO YouTube channel. Now that most of the foundational documents have been completed we can turn the majority of our efforts into biz dev tasks to secure more partnerships. The community has done a great job of connecting and getting involved in other communities that we are talking to, the more we cross pollinate and show up in these communities the better our chances are for building trust and in turn formalizing collaborations and partnerships so we thank you all for your combined efforts!


@Blake4Liberty, @ETHLDGR, @netminer, @dublinsbanking

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